Mowery’s Successful 2018

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As we reflect on a successful year, two things stand out:

• The quality and excellence of our client relationships
• Our employees’ devotion to Mowery’s foundations

We spent 2018 weaving our foundations into everything we do. Every company-wide meeting and job site meeting served to remind us about our “why” and how that has fueled our success.

Our Growth

In 2018, we completed 71 projects across Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. We saw record growth in several key areas: number of projects, total revenue earned, miles traveled and square feet constructed.

We completed projects across three states (Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia) in Industrial, Automotive and Urban Redevelopment. We completed our first Passive House project.

Growth provides us with an opportunity to further refine our processes with the right people in place. Steve Knaub joined the team as our new director of design. Under Steve’s leadership, projects will be even more beautiful and constructible in the field.
To position us for future growth, we opened a York office, a move that enabled us to support nearly ten projects in the York region – a record.

Our Technology

Technology took on a greater significance for us. We integrated cloud-based project management software Procore into our preconstruction and preconstruction processes, which allowed us to be more efficient, more transparent and execute higher-quality work than was previously possible. Mowery team members completed more training in 2018 than ever before.

Drones became an integral part of construction operations to provide real-time feedback on progress to our teams on the ground.

We surveyed clients about how and where we can improve. Based on this feedback, we began streamlining the closeout process and focusing on better educating the end user on the specifics of the building they are about to occupy.

Looking forward to 2019

We’re especially grateful for our strong reputation in the community. Our pool of subcontractors has never been more robust. Our culture of teamwork, transparency and communication has allowed us to deliver on time and on budget again and again. Our employees care deeply about the work they do and take immense pride in creating a remarkable Mowery experience. And, lastly, we’re especially blessed to work with such great clients and serve them in such a meaningful way.

In 2019, Mowery is committed to standing by our foundations as we grow and innovate. We strive to provide every client with a remarkable experience end to end.

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