Mowery Partners Program

At Mowery, a successful outcome of any project starts with a collaborative approach, which is why we created the Mowery PARTNER Program – a shared experience with a singular focus on the end goal. Through partnering and transparency, we work toward this common goal together – creating synergies, efficiencies and, most importantly, trust along the way.

What is the PARTNER Program?

Simply put, PARTNER is the way we approach every project – whether during preconstruction or construction. Purpose, Analysis, Responsibility, Transparency, New Technology, Experience and Reporting are all key components of the PARTNER program. This approach was strategically designed and based on nine decades of experience, minimizing typical project challenges by proactively addressing them in the process.


We know that the best projects are those with a clear purpose. Understanding that purpose, and aligning ourselves and the project in a manner to guarantee results, is our goal. After all, most clients do not hire us for “what” we do; they hire us for “why” we do what we do. We would suggest that the simplest way to determine if there is purpose alignment is to determine if there is an alignment of values. At Mowery, our Foundations are the values that we live by and the guidelines that drive our behavior every day on every project.

Our Foundations Are:

  • Safety is not optional
  • We build it as if it’s our own
  • We are relationship focused
  • We know timelines matters
  • We listen to understand
  • We always do the right thing

At Mowery, we believe in always looking ahead to anticipate potential issues. We know early and frequent analysis of a project helps quickly identify areas for improvement or areas of strength – thus, avoiding and resolving issues before they become a major concern. We pride ourselves on reviewing documents, providing constructive feedback, and implementing best practices to produce the highest quality product. Plus, if grants or loans are available (energy improvements, infrastructure, etc.), our team can assist with the process and documentation.

Analysis Includes:

  • Cost Control/Life Cycle
  • Progress Cost Estimating
  • CPM Project Schedule Management

Clearly defined roles and responsibilities lead to consistency in process and outcomes. At the start of each project, we work with the entire team of stakeholders to holistically understand where accountability and responsibility reside, and share in the risk and the reward, enabling all parties to be a part of the outcome of the projects.

Responsibility also means we are always aware of our environmental impact. We have successfully managed many LEED Certified projects and have LEED Accredited Professionals on our team. Properly designed buildings can drastically improve the occupant’s health with indoor environmental quality. Vibrant spaces also can enhance recovery and quality of life. Reduction of materials, waste and energy usage on our projects also lead to great benefits. We take our role as a good steward seriously and always look for ways to lessen the impact to the communities where we work.

Responsibility Includes:

  • Safety
  • Responsibility Assignment
  • Quality Control Program

Mowery is a leader in the Pennsylvania construction market not only because of our great work, but also our collaborative philosophy. We believe in the open exchange of information amongst the entire project team. We realize every team member offers significant insight and value – from the mechanical designer to the facility manager. This transparency, trust and open-minded philosophy leads to long-lasting relationships in our industry. We pride ourselves on clear and concise communication and sharing information in a quick and direct manner.

Transparency Includes:

  • Collaborative Subcontractor/Vendor Selection
  • Open Book Accounting
  • Routine Updated Project Cost/Contingency Reporting
New Technologies

The use of new technologies helps deliver faster, leaner and more collaborative construction projects. Our Clash Detection capability allows for BIM/3D modeling coordination sessions where the entire team virtually designs and builds the project to find conflicts, and resolve them before any materials are made. Utilizing these technologies drives productivity, clarity and performance on our construction projects.

New Technologies Includes:

  • BIM/Clash Detection
  • Mobile Technology Centers
  • Cloud-Based Team Collaboration Application

Yes, we are builders. We have constructed many of the buildings where you live, work, play, learn and worship. But Mowery is more than that. We are an award-winning team where innovation and agility matters; and safety, quality, cost and schedule always come first. For the Experience means something from the buildings we create, to the remarkable construction experience we deliver. For the Experience … that is the Mowery promise.

Experience includes:

  • Project Marketing Plan
  • Project Specific “Equity Management” Program
  • Meet Project Experience Objectives (hospitality, adaptive reuse, historic rehab, urban and RACP)
New Technologies

The collaborative and transparent approach continues in the reports provided throughout the process. Every step of the way, any team member, including the owner, can get an up-to-date report of what is happening on the project and where we are on the timeline.

Reporting Includes:

  • Weekly Project Reports
  • Monthly Owner Reports (dashboards)
  • Required Compliance Reporting

The Mowery PARTNER Program =
A Collaborative & Transparent Approach to Successful Outcomes

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