Top Three Trends in the Auto Market

When you construct as many auto dealerships as we have in recent years, you start to notice some trends across the landscape of the industry.  At Mowery, we are seeing each respective brand modernize their facility and make them more customer-centric.  We are also finding that facilities are getting creative on how to save energy which drives down their day-to-day operational costs.  Take a look at these top trends we see emerging in the auto dealership industry.


Showroom and Waiting Areas

When your showrooms and waiting areas are comfortable and attractive, customers stay longer and have a higher tendency to spend money. They are also a happier customer. Even slight improvements to your furniture, lighting, paint or amenities can have a huge payback in terms of customers impressions. Amenities like coffee bars, televisions, comfortable seating, buffer walls and loaner tablets have been known to be successful. Visitors waiting for long periods of time want to be able to relax and enjoy the wait. With these amenities, customers can do just that, enjoy their wait.