Creating the Connected Job Site

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At Mowery, we are committed to embracing new technologies that deliver projects quickly and efficiently while also maintaining the level of transparent, clear communication that embodies the Mowery Promise.

While technology continues to change every industry, 2019 is forecasted to be a breakthrough year for the construction industry. Building sites look dramatically different now than they did even a few short years ago, with advances in technology continuing to optimize efficiency and productivity at every stage of the process – from planning to construction.

We know innovation contributes to excellence end-to-end, and our team embraces industry-leading technology that make us more agile and better equipped to serve the needs of our customers not only today, but into the future. As building projects move more quickly with greater complexity than ever before, nimble communication and a connected job site are critically important.

BIM and 3D Modeling

At the design phase, utilizing advanced technologies like Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3D modeling have made it possible for us to more efficiently design and construct buildings. BIM tools like Revit and AutoCAD Civil 3D allow for better project outcomes by providing design insights to keep large building projects on budget and on schedule, as well as key location data for services, fixtures and fittings once the building itself is finished. 

Plus, generating 3D models to scale allow us to identify potential material or structural problems before they materialize in the field.

Procore: The Hub for a Connected Job Site

The single software that made the most significant and lasting impact on operations is Procore. This cloud-based construction project management software keeps everyone involved in a project (from the field guy to the owner) in the know in near real time. Every modification and adjustment to a design or timeline is tracked, notifications are sent immediately, and work continues to move forward.

Live plans marked up by superintendents, combined with any drawings received by constructions teams in the field, provide a visual representation of progress … and show the potential impact to critical project timelines. Project managers in the field utilize iPads to capture photos; provide reports and updates; and facilitate communication across the entire project team, including owners. Livestreaming technology and time lapses illustrate progress on the job site, powered by cloud-based and mobile technologies to bring stakeholders together.

As a tool, Procore has enabled the team at Mowery to deliver a remarkable experience with enhanced levels of quality, communication and transparency at every phase of the project. Real-time collaboration isn’t just a trend – it’s a reality.

Drones in the Field

In order to more efficiently and effectively provide real-time feedback, we’re expanding our use of drones for flyovers and “eye-in-the-sky” aerial footage of progress on individual projects. Photographs gathered from these devices, equipped with real-time obstacle avoidance and autonomous flight paths, are used to generate 3D models for each stage of construction.

This process has proven its value time and again: increasing safety; saving time and resources; enabling fast-track surveying; and delivering precise measurements to our teams on the ground. 

Quality, communication and transparency are all taken very seriously by the team at Mowery, and new technologies and innovation help to deliver a remarkable experience. If you would like to learn more about how we use technology (or would like to discuss a new project), reach out today.  

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