Design-Build 101

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Design-Build = One entity, one contract, one unified work flow from initial concept through completion


What is Design-Build?

Design-build is a method of project delivery in which one entity – the design-build team – is contracted by the project owner under a single contract to provide design and construction services, creating efficiency throughout the process. How? Design-Build allows the team to begin the build phase concurrent with the design phase, meaning shovels are in the ground much earlier than other delivery methods. This time savings can equate to cost savings too by reducing project and opportunity costs through minimizing the time owners must carry construction financing and related costs.

One Point of Contact from Start to Finish
Mowery’s Design-Build approach also creates a streamlined communication process. Instead of owners needing to relay important project information to the design and construction firm(s), owners work directly with one point of contact. This entity is considered the single source of responsibility and contractual risk for all phases of the project including cost estimating, assessments, preconstruction, engineering, design, subcontracting, construction and post-construction.


Advantages of Design-Build

  • Contractor is the single source of responsibility
  • Owner has one point of contact
  • Cost savings through value engineering and ongoing review process throughout the life of the project
  • Rapid Delivery = Time savings (Project components can overlap, saving time)
  • Streamlined communication with the owner
  • Improved risk management due to the team approach at developing drawings and specifications, minimizing change orders throughout the process
  • Reduces project costs

Design-Build Process

During the Design-Build process (and unlike other construction delivery methods), phases of the project overlap to provide rapid project delivery. It’s critical all team members communicate throughout the process. At Mowery, we’ve refined the Design-Build method and approach it in five phases:

  1. Selecting a Design-Builder
  2. Preliminary Design/Cost Estimate (Preconstruction assessments)
  3. Design (architectural/engineering final design plans)
  4. Construction
  5. Post-construction/Warranty

Download our full whitepaper on Design-Build 101 to learn more about each phase of the Design-Build process.


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