Mowery Renovation Project Helps Improve Downtown York Business District

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Mowery’s Special Projects group recently completed renovation on a 10,000-square-foot, multi-use building in downtown York, located in the 200 block of West Market Street. Originally People’s Laundry more than 50 years ago, the historic building has since been home to many businesses over the years including an information technology firm as well as several coffee shops. The anchor tenant closed its doors in March 2017, leaving the space empty in an otherwise vibrant, downtown business community.

Exterior, Before

Interior Rear Space and Ceiling, Before

Interior Front Upstairs Office Space, Before

A Joint Business Venture

Recognizing the unique potential of the space, David Cross, president of Mowery, and Julie Lando-Cross, president of GRIT Marketing Group, purchased the building in November 2017. The business partners (who also happen to be married) are committed to seeing York’s downtown community thrive and prosper.

“We are long-time residents of York and love the vibrancy of the community,” says Cross. “We saw the building as an opportunity help improve the business district while also allowing Mowery and GRIT to expand their presence in York.”

Three New Tenants

Mowery’s Special Projects group customized and renovated the space to meet the needs of each tenant, including Mowery, which opened a satellite York office, and GRIT, which needed space to accommodate growth plans. The third tenant, Cupajoe, is a café serving coffee and teas as well as assorted baked goods. Construction began in February of 2017 and was finished in early July.

The renovated building includes 7,500 square feet of space for GRIT, 1,250 square feet of space for Cupajoe, and another 1,250 square feet of space for Mowery. GRIT’s space features an indoor/outdoor work space, a fitness center and diverse areas for employees to work. Cupajoe’s space includes a coffee bar and a warm space for community members to gather. Mowery’s new office, located on the second floor, is designed to meet with clients and prospective clients in the York area.

“We love our new office,” says Lando-Cross. “The Mowery team took our vision and turned it into a reality on an efficient budget and expedited timeline. As a client, we could not be happier with the experience.”

Exterior Rear Entrance, After

Interior Rear Office Space, After

Interior Front Upstairs Office Space, After

About Special Projects

The Mowery Special Projects group focuses on renovation and small construction projects that do not need extensive oversight or design. The team is nimble, agile and client-focused. The group can also self-perform many functions – saving their clients’ money and time. Interested in learning more about Mowery’s Special Projects? Contact our Special Projects group today to learn more about how Mowery can bring your project to life.

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