Mowery uses Procore to maintain agility in the field 

by  | November 28, 2018 | Feature Project |

For the second time, Mowery has partnered with Keystone Rural Health on the construction of a state-of-the-art medical office building Chambersburg. The two-story, 60,000 square foot facility is currently in active construction with an anticipated July 2019 completion date.

The collaborative input from Noelker & Hull Architects and civil engineering firm Dennis E. Black Engineering, Inc. necessitated a streamlined approach during all phases of construction.

Seth Hughes, Vice President for Preconstruction, led initial coordination efforts to establish an agile schedule easily adapted to shifting timelines and project change orders. Mowery utilizes Procore, the world’s leading construction management software, to ensure all communication and collaboration meets the key tenets of the PARTNER Program:

• Purpose
• Analysis
• Responsibility
• Transparency
• New Technologies
• Experience
• Reporting

From project onset, challenges arose that put the agility of the Mowery PARTNER Program to the test. During the design phase, Keystone Rural Health indicated they wanted a fire pump installed as part of construction for the benefit of added safety, an addition not originally noted in the scope of work. Communication between team members, vendors and the owner via Procore allowed Mowery to forecast potential delays and rapidly adjust the production schedule and scope to accommodate the new design component.

Wet weather has been responsible for delays and setbacks; Mowery has worked with associated trades to implement contingency plans, accelerate schedules and modify work sequences to keep the project moving forward inside time and budget allocations.

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