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Allen Distribution Buildings 17 & 18

Allen Building 17 & 18

When Mowery was selected as the design-build contractor for two of Allen Distribution’s high-tech warehouses in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, our team was up for the challenge. We quickly set to work planning, designing, and building the 124,197 SF (Building #17) and 457,941 SF (Building #18) single loaded warehouses with office space. 

As with all large warehouse and distribution projects, the main challenge is getting the structure under roof while keeping the soil stable. If the soil where the facility is being built gets wet and then the walls, steel, and roofing are put up, the soil will never dry causing issues. Therefore, soil stabilization and the flow of construction is critical for these types of projects.

When building the Allen Distribution warehouses, our team collected soil from the jobsite to evaluate the moisture level. To dry out the soil, we used limestone. Other methods for treating moist soil include cement stabilization, which turns the soil hard, or using a dry powder. Once the soil was stabilized, we mixed up the top layer and rolled the ground. After the ground was ready, our team quickly started constructing the two warehouses. When building warehouses of this size, the flow of construction is critical. Our team had processes in place to seamlessly get the footer, pad, precast concrete wall panels, steel, and roof on the facilities.

Using our expertise in this market, we were able to bring the client’s vision for these industrial facilities to life in just seven months (Building #17) and eleven months (Building #18), finishing both warehouses on time and within budget.

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Project Details
Mechanicsburg, PA
Mowery's Design-Build
Delivery Method
Warehouse and Distribution
Square Footage
Total 582,138
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