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Freysinger Mazda

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Auto dealership partnership continues with facility upgrade.

Freysinger Mazda on the Carlisle Pike was in need of an updated and expanded facility. Since partnering with Mowery on a few of their other branch dealerships in Mechanicsburg, they decided to reignite the partnership for another project.
Freysinger Mazda decided on adding a dual bay service area and completely revamping the showroom and façade. The façade included a unique bump out coined the “jewel box” which was an all-glass, two-story enclosure that would house two cars stacked vertically on a lift. Mowery provided fast-track design-build services to achieve the client’s goal.

The project presented several unique obstacles that required careful planning and coordination to overcome. One significant challenge was the extremely tight site available for construction. Limited space posed logistical constraints and required meticulous planning to ensure that the construction activities could be executed efficiently. Through strategic scheduling, efficient material handling, and effective coordination, Mowery successfully navigated the tight site, optimizing productivity while maintaining a safe working environment.

The project faced delays in material deliveries, which can often disrupt the construction timeline. Mowery’s team demonstrated adaptability and resourcefulness by proactively managing material delays and working closely with suppliers to mitigate the impact on the project schedule. Effective communication and close collaboration with the supply chain helped to minimize downtime and keep the project progressing smoothly.

Another notable obstacle was the need to work with an existing and older building with an outdated infrastructure. This required careful consideration and coordination to ensure that the new construction was seamlessly integrated with the existing structure. Mowery’s team conducted detailed assessments of the older infrastructure, identifying necessary upgrades, and implementing them while minimizing disruptions to the facility’s operation.

The ability to work in a live environment and maintain the dealership’s operations throughout construction required diligent planning, effective phasing, and clear communication with the Freysinger Mazda team.

Mowery’s expertise in managing complex projects enabled them to overcome these challenges while ensuring a successful project outcome.

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