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Geisinger – Reedsville Primary Care 65 Forward

New Healthcare Facility Reimagines Senior Care

Geisinger has reimagined the area of senior primary care and has begun to roll out their facilities dedicated to patients 65 years of age or older – 65+ Forward. They understand this demographic has special healthcare needs. Mowery was selected to provide turnkey Design/Build services for this state of the art medical facility which included the 65 forward senior care clinic, a full family practice clinic, a caresite pharmacy, a radiology suite, fitness clinic and a large shared waiting and receiving area.

Mowery implemented innovative programs to address scheduling and productivity challenges on the Geisinger Reedsville project, particularly in response to the COVID-19 supply chain disruptions affecting the construction industry. Recognizing the importance of accurate and up-to-date information on material lead times and delivery dates, Mowery introduced a new material tracking process.

This allowed the project teams and the client to have a real-time understanding of the project’s anticipated schedule, considering the constraints imposed by the supply chain challenges. By proactively informing the client of any adjustments or potential delays based on the updated material information, Mowery facilitated effective decision-making and collaboration.

During the Geisinger Reedsville project, an unforeseen extenuating circumstance occurred just a week before the planned occupancy of the space. A sprinkler backflow preventer failed, resulting in water infiltrating the building and potentially jeopardizing the project’s timeline. In response to this emergency, Mowery swiftly mobilized its team to address the situation. Mowery’s prompt and efficient response included immediate cleanup measures to mitigate the water damage. Additionally, the team worked tirelessly on double shifts to replace all the affected materials within a compressed timeframe, ensuring that the project could still be completed on schedule.

By effectively managing this unexpected setback, Mowery demonstrated their ability to handle challenging situations while maintaining a strong commitment to meeting the project’s objectives and client’s expectations. 

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Project Details
Reedsville, PA
Noelker and Hull Associates, Inc.
Delivery Method
Square Footage
36,000 SF
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