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Menaker Building Renovations

Historic Building Gets New Life

Just a block off the Harrisburg, PA riverfront, the historic Menaker Building was originally built in 1906 to be four stories tall for the Johnston Paper Company. Six years later, two additional stories were added atop the four stories to provide additional space.

The latest version of this project converted the space from offices to a first floor commercial/restaurant/shell space with 28 one- and two-bedroom apartments on the upper 5 floors. The main lobby, entrance and elevators were restored back to the 1977 vintage look while the apartments were given a modern flare. The building’s total square footage is 33,809 and included a generator upgrade, complete mechanical, electrical and plumbing upgrades, and significant finish upgrades.

The Menaker apartment project presented Mowery with several special obstacles that required innovative solutions. One significant challenge arose when the generator and exhaust system had to be redesigned in the middle of the project. This involved re-routing the necessary infrastructure and ensuring seamless integration with the project’s design and construction processes.

Another unique obstacle encountered during the project was the installation of a generator in the basement of a historic building. Mowery’s expertise in historic building renovations and understanding of the necessary technical requirements allowed them to successfully execute this challenging task, ensuring the generator was installed in a manner that met functional and aesthetic requirements without compromising the building’s integrity.

Mowery’s ability to swiftly navigate through such obstacles reflects their commitment to delivering successful projects. Their agility and resourcefulness enabled them to overcome unexpected challenges and find alternative solutions to ensure the Menaker Apartment project was completed on time and on budget.

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Harrisburg, PA
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