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Mercersburg Student Center

Mercersburg Student Center

In alignment with the academy’s vision, this building gives students the opportunity to connect with each other and their studies.

Mercersburg Academy wanted to bring the vision to “boldly re-imagine excellence in education by creating an interwoven academic and residential experience that inspires students to lead and serve in a complex, changing world” to life in the updates in their Student Center. The goal was to enhance students’ residential and academic experience by providing more space for studying, relaxing and connecting together.

With multiple renovation projects spanning a 14 month timeframe, construction inevitably occurred during the school year. The Student Center remained open for student and faculty use throughout the renovation process, creating unique traffic flow and safety challenges on site.

Mowery’s team worked closely with the school’s leadership to develop temporary traffic patterns for students as the main entrance was being constructed. When construction was being completed on the ground floor, students were easily able to use the top level and vice versa. Additions and renovations to the Student Center provided new open lounge space, multiple terraces, private dining spaces and improved main entrance. Communication and coordination was key throughout this project’s timeline.

Project Details
Mercersburg, PA
Centerbrook Architects & Planners
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