Pullman Apartments Bring Urban Revitalization to York

written by Mowery | May 17, 2019 | Featured Project |

Originally built in 1910, Mowery recently completed a design-build renovation to the Pullman Apartments. The 4-story apartment building renovation included first-floor office space for a downtown York business. While on-lookers may have thought the project was a basic building renovation, the Pullman Apartment renovation presented two specific challenges.


Challenge 1: Historic Tax Credit for Urban Building Renovation

Mowery’s first challenge was that funding for the project came through a historic tax credit. As a result, a very precise set of standards for rehabilitation set by the National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior had to be followed throughout the project to meet the credit criteria. Mowery successfully coordinated with project managers, supervisors, workers, architect, and contractors to ensure all requirements were met for the credit.


Challenge 2: Active Construction Site with Occupants

The second project challenge was the building remained occupied 50% of the time by residents throughout the renovation. Well-seasoned to unique safety concerns, the Mowery team efficiently developed site-specific methods for construction safety, organization and site cleanliness to accommodate the building’s residents. Though challenging to renovate a building with occupants, Mowery completed the project without a single issue.

“Mowery did this project with zero safety incidents and with zero tenant or customer complaints,” states property owner Derek Dilks, “In fact, we had a very high level of tenant satisfaction during the entire project.”


Urban Revitalization through Pullman Apartments

Mowery is pleased to be part of urban revitalization project efforts that bring growth to a community through design-build projects like the Pullman Apartments. Elaine Bonneau, Director of Downtown Inc. shared how the Pullman Apartments are adding value to York.

“The ongoing renovation and redevelopment of historical buildings throughout York shows that old buildings can be offered new life in a variety of forms and uses,” states Bonneau, “People enjoy walking into historical buildings, and with the amenities that Mowery has built in the Pullman Apartments, people can experience a modern style of living while engaging with our collective history. It’s important to recognize and consider our history when conducting redevelopment projects, and we’re glad to see Mowery and others take up the mantle of preserving our history while creating new modern spaces inside.”


Contact Mowery to learn more about utilizing design-build construction to fuel your community’s urban revitalization efforts.

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