Safety at Sun Motor Cars

by  | August 29, 2018 | Featured Project |


Sun Motor Cars, located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, offers an unmatched car-buying experience to its luxury car audience through a commitment to superlative service and unwavering excellence. Since the start of their partnership in 2002, Mowery has completed six new building projects as well as numerous renovations for Sun Motor Cars.

Mowery’s most recent project with Sun Motor Cars is a 44,052-square-foot building on its Mechanicsburg campus to be completed in spring 2019. This two-story facility for Audi includes sales offices, service and parts offices, storage and a new showroom. The design incorporates a modern approach to car dealerships and includes a honey-comb aluminum panel design on the exterior, as well as a curved interior showroom wall with embedded LED lighting designed to mimic a racetrack.


Knowing closing an auto dealership for any period of time is not an option, Mowery always works closely with the Sun Motors team to ensure their operations and sales departments remain open for business, and construction projects do not interfere with the customer experience. This requires careful planning, phasing and communication amongst the design, construction and operation teams. Every project detail receives close attention, as work being completed is happening on an active and open dealership campus. Safety, while always a priority, takes on a new level of meaning when there are Sun Motor Cars employees and customers on an active construction site.



“From the safety perspective, a big challenge with these types of projects is performing heavy construction in and around an existing operational dealership. We have to be on point with traffic flow, parking and perimeter fencing, ensuring workers are highly visible to drivers at the facility,” says Mike Monaco, Mowery’s director of safety. “In addition, many Sun Motor Cars customers and employees are moving about the campus throughout the day, so it’s a constant consideration to ensure they’re not endangered. Safety is our number one priority, and we do everything we can to ensure the safety of our team, our clients and the general public.”

Mowery is proud of its decade-long relationship with Sun Motor Cars and is excited to partner with them once again on the Mechanicsburg campus project. Interested in learning more about working with Mowery and how it may benefit your next construction project?  Contact us today! At Mowery, we work collaboratively with our partners, during both the preconstruction and construction phases, through a proactive approach known as our PARTNER Program. The goal of the PARTNER Program is to create not only a unique and custom experience for our clients, but a remarkable one as well. This is truly how we measure success — and the experience we provide for our clients has made us the contractor-of-choice for local, regional and national companies.

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