SMART Safety: Safety Means Acting Responsibly Together

by  | August 24, 2018 | Our Foundations |

Mowery’s SMART Safety Initiative evolved from one of our Foundations – Safety is not optional.  SMART Safety is less about a prescriptive program or checklists and more about focusing on attitude and behavior. Mowery’s safety approach is proactive and clear in setting expectations when anyone steps on a Mowery job site – whether a Mowery team member, subcontractor or vendor.

For our team, SMART Safety begins in the preconstruction phase, well before anyone sets foot on the project site. We perform a thorough risk assessment early to identify any hazards that may not be immediately apparent and then we carefully develop a mitigation plan focused on reducing risks and increasing safety.

Once construction starts, safety is reinforced by scheduled meetings, planning sessions and regular inspections including:

Daily Huddle

“The Daily Huddle” is a brief but critical meeting that is led by the Mowery superintendent and attended by the subcontractor foremen. The goal is to ensure the tasks of the day are coordinated, hazards are mitigated, and a safe work plan is in place.


All Mowery Superintendents have completed OSHA 30-Hour construction training and at minimum, First Aid, CPR and AED training. Many have also been certified in other specialized areas such as Rough-Terrain Forklift and Aerial Lift. Having the necessary training to recognize and correct hazards and unsafe behavior is a clear advantage when safety is the highest priority.


SMART Safety isn’t just about protecting the work force – the well-being of our clients and the public are also part of our initiative. Perimeter fencing and safety signage play an important role in executing a successful project and keeping the public informed. Without specialized training and experience, members of the public may not be aware of the dangers found on a typical construction site, which is why extensive efforts are made to separate and distinguish the work zone. In addition, signage communicates who and what is permitted to enter the site.

At Mowery, we take the responsibility of getting everyone home safely to their families each night very seriously. Safety is not optional. Creating a safe work environment for our employees, clients and subcontractors is always taken seriously.

Interested in learning more about our SMART Safety initiative and how it positively impacts construction projects? Reach out today to learn more.

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