Why Mowery Uses Procore 

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Technology and training have always been important to the team at Mowery Construction. As the demands of the construction industry increase, so does the commitment to efficiency, collaboration and best-in-class execution.

The single software solution that has made the most substantial and lasting impact on our operations is Procore. This world class construction management software has further enabled communication and enhanced transparency between every party (from owners to the field and subcontractors) involved in a project. It has also improved completion times on our projects. Here are a few ways that Procore is enabling us to be first class in construction management.

Real-Time As-Built Drawings


Procore is home to the most up-to-date drawings of any Mowery project in process. Because today’s projects move quickly, and communication is paramount, every modification to a design is tracked with notifications sent through the software instantly to keep everyone in the know.

As work is completed in the field, superintendents markup live plans and send project updates quickly, efficiently and in near real-time. New drawings received by construction teams can be overlaid on previous versions and offer the ability to see what has changed, how much it’s changed and – most importantly – the potential impact on those critical timelines.




Procore syncs seamlessly with existing scheduling platforms. As CPM schedules are completed, they are fully integrated into Procore. All upcoming deadlines, milestones and tasks are shown graphically so every party involved in the project can see the impact of change orders on production schedules. At any given moment in the project, owners and team members can see exactly where things stand and what lies ahead for the project.


Design Team Communication


Through Procore, there is an estimated 25% time savings in existing submittal and RFI processes. Teams communicate faster and more efficiently, allowing for the agility required in today’s construction environment. Team members can respond via email, within the app or any browser for a seamless resolution of the project inquiries.


Quality Control


At Mowery, we believe that any job worth doing is worth doing well. Quality control (QC) begins before breaking ground – by offering informed perspectives on the constructability and resiliency of every material and system proposed for a project. The benchmark on quality expectations is set early, so there are no surprises down the road. QC inspections are conducted daily. If deficiencies are identified, they’re flagged, documented and remedied. Subcontractors are notified, and work continues to move forward.

Quality, communication and transparency are all taken very seriously by the team at Mowery and Procore helps to deliver a remarkable experience. If you would like to learn more about how we use Procore on your project (or would like to discuss a new project), reach out today.

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