When it comes to construction, everyday tasks need to be completed to keep projects moving forward. With multiple moving parts (both on the jobsite and in the office), the Mowery team utilizes cameras to keep jobsites secure and employees safe as well as support the overall management of the project by ensuring projects stay on track, within budget and are built to a high-quality standard. Plus, these visuals have been known to increase collaboration and provide great photos that can be used for marketing purposes.

Check out the cameras Mowery uses most often and how the team benefits from each.  

OxBlue & True Look

At Mowery, jobsites are monitored with high-resolution cameras from OxBlue and True Look. These cameras, which are strategically placed to capture as much of the construction site as possible, capture still photos every fifteen minutes. They also offer the ability to live stream jobsites.

This advanced technology allows the Mowery team to always be on and connected to jobsites, even when not physically there. OxBlue and True Look cameras allow the team to see construction progress in real-time and make decisions quickly, even if working remotely. Additionally, with the ability to zoom in and out on photos, this technology can provide details about the construction progress and even security issues.

 “We use construction cameras predominantly to capture the progress of work, providing clients and project stakeholders with the ability to check on progress throughout the workday from their desks,” says Vice President of Operations, Kelli Peyton. “Additionally, we capture images and time lapse videos that can be used by Mowery, our clients and other project stakeholders.”


In recent years, drones have come to play an important role in the construction industry. These small, remote-controlled aircrafts provide many advantages to contractors. At Mowery, our team of 10 certified drone pilots use this technology to capture photographs and videos of jobsites, monitor the quality of projects, track construction progress and ensure site safety.

Drones have the ability to capture photographs and videos which can be used for a variety of purposes. The most common uses of drone photography include updating project owners on construction progress, showing subcontractors work that needs to be completed and for marketing purposes.

Additionally, drones are used to monitor the quality of our projects. Using the 4K camera, we photograph welds on steel, roof flashings, curbings and even watch as landscaping occurs. While the drone does not replace the quality control processes and procedures our project managers complete, they do help make the work much easier.

At Mowery, drones have aided in the way we capture and track construction progress, especially with large projects. Our team can capture overhead photos daily and use them to track progress. We then keep these photographs on file, so a track record of the progress exists. For example, when steel or footers are being poured, drones can capture photographs so team members can see what is completed and when, which ensures projects are kept on timeline.

Lastly, and most importantly, drones improve safety. Drones can be flown above jobsites while construction is underway to ensure all workers are following the rules and wearing the proper personal protection equipment (PPE). Additionally, Project Engineer Matt Baker says, “drones have improved safety on our jobsites by allowing us quick and easy access to places that are difficult or dangerous for an individual to access. For example, instead of having our guys climb ladders or down in ditches to check site work, we can now get a view using a drone.”

Using drones, Mowery is able to provide a remarkable and safe experience for our clients and employees.

Owl Labs

Owl Lab’s Meeting Owl cameras have allowed our team to create smart meeting rooms and increase collaboration from any location. This specific piece of technology features a 360-degree camera to create a fully immersive video conferencing experience.

Using Owl Lab cameras, the team back in the office can connect with team members working in remote locations. Plus, even clients can be connected to discuss project details and more.

“We use the Owl for virtual meetings that have more than one attendee in the room,” said Mowery’s CEO Seth Hughes. “The camera locates the person speaking and shows a close up of that attendee and clearly picks up what they are saying. The users not present in Mowery’s office do not need to do anything, the Owl does all the work!”

Why Mowery?

Using the latest cameras and technology, our team is always on to ensure jobsites are safe, projects are on track and our team is connected. If you are looking for a design-build contractor or construction management team who will provide a remarkable construction experience using cutting-edge technology, start a conversation with us today!

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