What is BIM?

Even though it has been around for quite some time, Building Information Modeling (or BIM) is becoming an even more increasingly popular term and method in the construction industry.

BIM is the process of combining various forms of data into one cohesive model of a structure – a visual library of information. Imagine merging the schematics from an architect, electrician, HVAC, and other construction professionals into one master plan. Unlike 2-D drawings, BIM provides a digital, interactive model that can be used throughout the planning and construction of a building by the design and construction teams as well as the project owners.

BIM Market Value

BIM’s market value is projected to reach $18.8 billion by 2024.


Benefits of BIM

Mowery has been utilizing BIM throughout our Design-Build projects for over a decade. Using BIM has benefited our team and projects in several ways including:

Clash detection

Collaborating with subcontractors and other construction professionals on the design of a project from the beginning helps bypass hidden issues that may occur otherwise. For example, when overlaying the structural plans with the electrical or plumbing plans, it is easy to see potential concerns like beams overlapping where pipes need to go or wiring located in inaccessible areas. These issues are much easier and cost-effective to correct in the design phase than on-site during construction.


2-D drawings require a vivid imagination to understand the scale of a project. With BIM, clients can easily maneuver throughout a design and get a much better feel for how the building will function. Plus, they can quickly see what it would be like to stand inside the building or view it from the curb. For construction workers, BIM provides a way to see inside a wall to view the structure or contents within.

Project pace

When used properly, BIM can undoubtedly reduce a project’s projected timeline. BIM helps reduce potential issues in the construction phase and assist clients in visualization leading to smoother and faster communication. Plus, BIM serves as a constant project documenting system, reducing project wrap-up time.


BIM's project impact

Nearly 50% of BIM users report that it provides a better outcome of a project.


Mowery’s future with BIM

As technology continues to advance and rapidly influence the construction industry, Mowery is continually planning and preparing for possible future endeavors with BIM to provide the best service possible to our clients. By utilizing existing virtual reality/augmented reality technology combined with the limitless ability of BIM, we can deliver to clients a truly unique building experience in the future. In addition, Mowery understands the value of combining BIM with the project estimation process, which could lead to a quicker preconstruction phase.

If you’re interested in learning about how Mowery provides smooth collaboration and cost savings through BIM, be sure to read more about Mowery’s Design-Build capabilities.

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