At Mowery, we promise to deliver a remarkable construction experience. One way we do this is by listening to our client’s needs and understanding their project goals first. We know throughout every phase of construction, the details matter. With over 95 years in the construction industry, when you partner with our team, trust the planning, design, and construction is in experienced hands. 

By choosing Mowery as your construction management partner, our industry professionals will effectively oversee coordination of materials, people, and equipment to ensure each phase of construction is completed on time and within budget.

What is Construction Management?

There is a lot that goes into building a new warehouse, senior living facility or car dealership – from managing the project schedule, to budgeting costs, to ensuring safety codes are met, and more! Construction management (CM) is a professional service offered by contractors, like Mowery, who partner with the project’s owner to effectively manage the project’s schedule, costs, quality, safety, scope, and function. In short, it is the construction manager’s responsibility to represent the owner’s interest and oversee every aspect of construction from start to finish to make certain the project is completed on time, on budget, and to the project owner’s standards.

Construction management contractors have both extensive education and experience in the industry. This background allows them to determine the sequence of operations, develop thorough schedules and budgets, and establish comprehensive safety plans.

What Are the Benefits of Construction Management?

At Mowery, our construction management service offering provides clients with many advantages, including:

  • Effective Communication
  • Increased Efficiency & Quality Control
  • Cost and Time Management
  • Partnership – We serve as an objective, experienced owner’s representative and always “build it as if it’s our own.”

At Mowery, clients work directly with one point-of-contact, which provides a better customer experience. Critical information is relayed from the construction manager to the responsible team members and/or subcontractors and technology like PROCORE is used to streamline communication, reducing miscommunication. Additionally, because the Mowery team manages the sequence of operations as well as develops the budget and timeline, increased efficiency and quality control is achieved because our team has a full understanding of each phase of the project and scope.

Lastly, when working with Mowery, our collaborative partner approach helps projects and client relationships succeed. We believe in transparency with our clients and working towards the same common goal that creates synergies, efficiency and, most importantly trust along the way. 

Construction Management Technology

At Mowery, we use the latest software and applications to manage projects. Using these tools allows our team to store project information all in one place, access project details 24/7, and increase collaboration throughout every phase of construction. Some of the construction management technology our team uses includes:

  • ProEst

ProEst is a leading estimating software that allows projects to be dynamically planned. This sophisticated and detailed tool accounts for every piece of a project both in scope and in cost.

PROCORE is a construction management application that connects the entire team from bidding to post construction all in the same system. This tool allows Mowery’s construction management experts to access project information, including timelines, expenses, images, and daily safety logs all in one place. Having project information organized and easily accessible increases efficiency saving time and money. Plus, every client has access to their project information through PROCORE, so they can view updates, images and more at any time throughout construction.

Why Mowery?

Why should you choose Mowery for your construction management needs? We promise to deliver a remarkable experience by customizing the construction process to achieve your goals. Plus, with our proven track record in construction management, we offer detailed estimating analysis, proactive cost reduction analysis, first cost versus life cycle analysis, constructability reviews and analysis, a three-year extended warranty on all projects, no change order policy, and much more!

Through quality work, strong communication, and strong values, Mowery builds trust and partnerships with our clients. If you are looking for more than a builder for your next construction project, reach out to the Mowery team today to learn how we can work together to bring your project to life.


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