Office flow, lighting, layout, and design can play a key role in employee productivity and satisfaction. The demand for corporate and commercial office spaces that not only meet the wants and needs of employees, but also ensure their safety have increased. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners across the diverse range of industries Mowery serves have been reconsidering their office design. We thought it would be helpful to share our experience on what to consider when choosing a general contractor for office renovations and the latest corporate and commercial construction trends.

What is Corporate & Commercial Construction?

Corporate and commercial construction refers to projects completed for the private sector, or businesses. These projects can include office fit outs, retail renovations, and more. In most cases, a general contractor is hired by the business or building owner to build a new structure or renovate the existing space. Corporate and commercial construction projects can range in size from small-scale projects requiring minimal design work and resources, to large-scale projects requiring design work and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) services.

Since office renovation projects can range in complexity based on the project owner’s wants and needs, it is critical to hire an experienced general contractor who understands the nuances of corporate and commercial construction and what it takes to complete office space projects on time, within budget, and to high quality standards.

How to Choose a General Contractor for Your Next Corporate & Commercial Construction Project?

When choosing a general contractor to partner with for your office fit out or renovation project, there are many factors to consider, including:

  • Experience and Previous Projects
  • Dedication to Details
  • Use of Technology
  • Commitment to Clients

Before choosing a general construction company to partner with, it is important to research the company’s years of experience and previous projects in your specific market. Additionally, client testimonials can provide insight on the customer experience, quality, and more to help you determine if the general contractor you are considering would be a good fit. View some of Mowery’s most notable corporate and commercial construction projects today!

In addition to having a proven track record, when renovating a current office space, dedication to detail is key. The design of the space, lighting, and even finishes can impact the office environment. Therefore, it is important to choose a corporate and commercial construction company who understands the importance of details and how they affect employees’ productivity and satisfaction.

Do not forget to consider the technology a construction company uses. Often, construction technology can help streamline processes, saving time and money. Before partnering with a general construction company, ask what technology and software they would use for your specific project. For example, are they using a software like PROCORE for project management and communication? At Mowery, we embrace technology and use it to better not only our projects, but also the customer experience. Learn more about how Mowery is always on here.

Lastly, be sure to choose a general contractor who will make the client relationship a priority. Understanding their approach to relationships is critical to a successful experience. Learn more about Mowery’s promise to deliver a remarkable construction experience to our clients.

What are the Current Corporate & Commercial Construction Trends?

COVID-19 has impacted the way businesses think about their office spaces. From open floorplans for social distancing to handsfree entryways, there are new trends in office space construction that continue to emerge. At Mowery, the office space renovations we have noticed include:

  • Open Floor Plans Rise in Popularity
  • The Right Appliances & Finishes are Important
  • Embracing Unconventional Spaces

Because of COVID-19, many businesses are looking to redesign their existing space to be more open and accommodating to social distancing. Employees no longer want to have a cubical right up against a co-worker. Open spaces will be key to allowing employees to spread out and feel safe in their workplace environment.

Additionally, appliances and finishes are more important than ever before. Handsfree doors and extra appliances are being requested by many employees. Door handles, refrigerator handles, and light switches can be a host for germs. Therefore, handsfree doors, motion sensor lights, and additional appliances, like refrigerators, are being added to office spaces to ensure the health of employees.

Lastly, unconventional workspaces are becoming more popular. For example, old warehouses and apartment buildings are being converted into office spaces that align with the businesses’ wants and needs.

As new trends emerge, it will be important for corporations and retailers to consider if their space is meeting the needs of their employees and customers. If not, it may be time for an office remodel!

We Are Here for Your Corporate & Commercial Construction Needs

At Mowery, we have years of experience designing, building, and renovating office and retail spaces to better fit our client’s needs. To discover how we can bring your office space to life and create an environment that your employees and customers will love, start a conversation with our team of knowledgeable contractors today.


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