At Mowery, we’re committed to bringing big experience to small projects. Whether it’s an office renovation, a senior care cottage turnaround, or a healthcare facility, we offer the same service, high-quality standards, and experience as we do with our larger projects, all while saving our clients time and money.

Something we often hear is that our Special Projects Group (SPG) does not provide design-build services. Although our Special Projects Group focuses on small construction projects which may not always require design work, our SPG clients still have access to our design team and services if needed. Being able to complete both large and small design-build projects thoughtfully and thoroughly across different markets is part of what makes working with Mowery a remarkable experience.

To learn more about Mowery’s design-build capabilities on special projects and see some of our noteworthy jobs, keep reading!

What Percentage of Mowery’s SPG Projects Require Design Work?

At Mowery, we consider office renovations, tenant fit-outs, retail expansions, senior care apartments, secondary education renovations, urban revitalization, and more to be special projects. About 50 percent of our small construction, special projects require an aspect of design. Whether our structural engineers must verify where bearing walls are located or our architects get involved in specifying finishes, our design team is heavily involved in the process.

How Does Design-Build for SPG Projects Differ from Design-Build for Large Projects?

From a five hundred square-foot expansion to a one million square-foot warehouse, our team has the knowledge and skill sets to complete projects of any size. However, depending on the size of each project, our design-build services and approach will differ.

Since SPG projects tend to be smaller in scale and more focused on renovations and fit-outs of existing spaces, the design-build work tends to happen more quickly and at a lower cost compared to our large, industrial projects. For large construction projects, we are often designing the structures from scratch, resulting in much more complex design work. For both small and large design-build construction projects, we utilize our in-house design team for their expertise.

What Is the Special Projects Group’s Approach to Design-Build Work? 

At Mowery, our goal is to provide our clients with a remarkable construction experience. Before starting a SPG design-build project, we get to know the client and their desired outcomes. From there, we can begin conceptual design work and budgeting to ensure we are on track with the quality, cost, and timing of the project. Virtual design tools, such as Enscape and Revit, help our clients envision what the final build will look like before we get too far into construction. We have found that the majority of clients appreciate the virtual designs and how they’re able to visualize what the space may look like before construction is complete. From start to finish, we have open lines of communication with the project owner to ensure transparency and that they are up to date on the project’s progress.

What Are Some of Mowery’s Most Notable Design-Build SPG Projects?

Our Special Projects Group and design experts work together to bring our client’s small construction projects to life. Learn more about our most notable design-build SPG projects!

Pullman Apartments – York, PA
Originally built in 1910, the Pullman Apartments located in York, PA, underwent a design-build renovation by Mowery. The four-story apartment building renovation included a first-floor office space for a downtown York business. During construction, the building remained occupied 50 percent of the time by residents. Because our team is well-seasoned to unique safety concerns, we efficiently developed site-specific methods for construction safety, organization, and site cleanliness to accommodate the building’s residents. Though challenging to renovate a building with occupants, Mowery completed the project without a single issue.

Serenity Blue Dialysis Care – Harrisburg, PA
When Serenity Blue Dialysis Care purchased an old dental office in Harrisburg, PA, they relied on the Mowery team for support transforming the building into a healthcare facility. From the start, the client had a vision of creating a warm, comforting space where patients would feel at home. Our Special Projects Group (SPG) got to work expanding the footprint of the existing building to make the client’s vision a reality. Throughout the process of converting the outdated space to a cozy, modern medical facility, Mowery produced schedules, managed purchase requests, hired subcontractors, completed walk-throughs, moderated costs, and more to ensure a remarkable construction experience. As the project neared completion, Mowery worked with EJ Designs, an interior design partner, to complete the space and bring the atmosphere to life. The team selected soft, textured finishes as well as warm colors with touches of blue and aqua to represent serenity blue, the name of the company. The Serenity Blue Dialysis Care clinic was completed on time, within budget, and to high quality standards.

We Are Here to Support Your Small, Design-Build Projects

At Mowery, we not only have a proven track record in successful larger-scale design-build construction, but we also have expertise in smaller-scale design-build work. Whether you’re looking to expand, renovate, or fit-out your existing space, the Mowery team is ready to tackle your next project. Contact us today to discuss how we can bring big experience to your next small construction project.


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