Since 2009, the Mowery team has completed more than 30 senior living construction projects in Central Pennsylvania. Having completed projects across the continuum of care, we thoroughly understand the sensitivity needed in the senior care environment when embarking on a construction or renovation project.

With continuing care communities becoming the preferred retirement living option for many seniors, Mowery is proud to offer remarkable design build and general construction experiences so these communities can keep up with the growing demand.

To learn more about our team’s unique PARTNER Program approach to senior living construction and our overall capabilities that offers peace-of-mind from start to finish, keep reading!


What is Senior Living Construction?

Senior living construction is the process of designing and building facilities at senior living complexes that serve the elder population and retirees. Senior living construction includes not only building residences and healthcare spaces for individuals who require assisted living or skilled nursing services, but also includes designing and building interior and exterior common areas for active seniors such as dining halls, activity rooms, fitness centers and other amenities. When embarking on a senior living construction project, it’s critical to collaborate to deliver a safe, worry-free, and remarkable overall construction experience for everyone that lives and works in these communities.


See Our Senior Living Construction Projects in Action

With over 12 years of experience building and renovating in the senior living and healthcare markets from residential cottages to skilled nursing facilities, to dining halls and fitness centers, the Mowery senior living construction management team knows how to build for better care. We understand that creating a safe and respectful construction experience is top priority to accommodate the residents and staff living, working, and making memories in these communities every day. We minimize disruptions and maximize communications to ensure the best experience while also focusing on efficiency to deliver each project on time and within budget.

Check out these beautiful time lapse and recap videos of two of the most notable senior living projects from our team to see our work in action!


How does Mowery approach Senior Living Construction differently? 

Mowery’s PARTNER Program is our unique construction management approach to projects that includes: 

  • Purpose
  • Analysis
  • Responsibility
  • Transparency
  • New Technology
  • Experience
  • Reporting

Careful consideration is taken at every step along the way from preconstruction planning through delivery and closeout to make sure we’re applying these PARTNER principles to the process, which makes all the difference to our senior living partners.


Understanding the purpose of the project is essential to successful outcomes. We start with a clearly defined Purpose that aligns with our senior living partner’s goal to recognize challenges before they even occur. Further, we carefully consider the impact of the construction project on the day-to-day lives of residents and staff when developing the site logistics plan, considering scheduling, and coordinating among subcontracts.


Conducting frequent project reviews offers the ability to anticipate issues before they become major concerns. We pride ourselves on reviewing documents, providing constructive feedback, and implementing best practices to produce the highest quality product, and reduce stress on our senior living partners throughout the entire process.


Defined roles and responsibilities lead to consistency in process and accountability.  We also work with the entire team of stakeholders to holistically understand where accountability and Responsibility reside, and share in the risk and the reward, enabling all parties to be a part of the outcome of the projects.


Our collaborative approach and direct communication leads to trust, insight, and value. Mowery believes in the open exchange of information amongst the entire project team to ensure everyone is always truly on the same page. This Transparency, trust and open-minded philosophy leads to long-lasting relationships with our senior living partners.


Use of new technologies brings projects to life and drives clarity and enhances performance. Utilizing new technologies, such as our Clash Detection capability that allows for BIM/3D modeling, drives productivity, clarity, and performance on our construction projects and further serves to deliver a mystery-free experience.


Safety, quality, cost, and schedule always come first to deliver a remarkable construction experience. “For the Experience” is the Mowery promise. “For the Experience” means more than just the buildings we create, it refers to the overall remarkable feeling our clients have about the process, and the result.


Robust reporting protocols keep everyone in the loop on the status of the project and timeline, all the way to the end. Every step of the way, any team member, including the owner, can get an up-to-date report of what is happening on the project and where it is on the timeline.

Yes, we are builders. We have constructed many of the buildings where you live, work, play, learn and worship. But Mowery is more than that. We are an award-winning team where innovation and agility matters; and safety, quality, cost, and schedule come first. And with your senior living construction project, we take that even more seriously because it’s truly personal, because you matter.


We Are Here for Your Senior Living Construction Needs

At Mowery, senior living construction is personal, because you matter. Whether we are renovating an existing space, or building something new, our team takes the time to collaborate and communicate to deliver a remarkable experience and peace of mind from start to finish. To learn more about our senior living construction projects and services, contact us today. We look forward to learning more about your project and helping you improve the facilities and the lives in your senior living communities!  

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