The Mowery team understands that healthcare construction is not only personal, but also rapidly evolving along with the needs of patients and the changes that occur as the industry adapts and advances. When Mowery formed the Special Projects Group (SPG) for smaller construction projects, such as medical facility renovations and conversions, it was to ensure that the team could offer the same standard of service for the smaller projects as we have for the larger projects in the healthcare market. Being able to address both large and small construction projects thoughtfully and thoroughly in the healthcare field is part of what makes working with Mowery a remarkable experience.

To find out more about Mowery’s construction capabilities in healthcare special projects and learn about some recent examples from our SPG team, keep reading!

What are Special Projects in Healthcare Construction?

In recent years, needs in healthcare have shifted and a more concentrated focus on the patient experience has led to changes in the way in which facilities are constructed and renovated. With a need for more personalized spaces, medical and healthcare facilities are expanding into communities with smaller and more specialized areas. The facilities themselves are moving closer to where the patients are, and certain types of practices are moving away from centralized spaces to tailor facilities in ways that best suit their individual needs. The spaces themselves are also being designed to be more aesthetically pleasing and welcoming, while still concentrating on maximum hygiene.

With the trends evolving as such, the need for smaller-scale construction assistance is rising. These special projects are becoming more and more common as healthcare providers look to renovate existing spaces to adapt them to their individualized needs. And because most of these projects are renovations, the in house design-build capabilities of Mowery, coupled with our overall healthcare industry experience, offers the utmost in value to care providers.

What are Mowery’s Special Projects Capabilities in Healthcare

At Mowery, our approach to small construction projects in healthcare is equally as important as the experience we bring to each project. Understanding the regulations and nuances of constructing in environments with strict codes and cleanliness guidelines takes considerable attention to detail, however, knowing that these projects also require sensitivity, particularly when facilities are being renovated during ongoing operations, is crucial. Our SPG team knows that small projects are a big deal, too, so we bring the same high-quality Mowery standards and thoughtful approach to special projects in healthcare, saving providers time and money, and delivering personalized, remarkable value.

Find out more about some of our recent special healthcare construction projects from the SPG team here:

WellSpan Cardiology – Carlisle, PA
A three-phased approach was needed to renovate an existing building to suit both WellSpan’s needs for pain management and cardiology operations as well as the needs of an individual care provider sharing space in the newly acquired building. During the initial phase of construction, the existing space partitions were modified to create an open space for pain management, new flooring was installed, and paint was refreshed, electrical fixtures were updated to LED, and the HVAC was replaced. In phase two, the Stoken Space was created to accommodate a doctor using a designated area within the facility for private practice, with renovations also including new flooring and HVAC, as well as new wall configurations, new ceilings, sliding doors, and the addition of a break room and exam rooms. Phase three involved additional partition walls, sliding doors for exam rooms, new case work, painting, and floor coverings to join with the new phase one pain management space. Due to the success of this special project in healthcare, the Mowery team is now in design for a new project with WellSpan.

Serenity Blue Dialysis Care – Harrisburg, PA
The interior of an existing medical facility required an extensive redesign and overhaul to accommodate the specialized needs of the incoming Serenity Blue Dialysis Care center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Before any renovations began, the Mowery team had to remove existing equipment and come up with a design to strategically incorporate the new, sensitive equipment into a configuration that was both functional and beautiful. The interior had to be entirely reworked not only to ensure they could comfortably incorporate the 16 dialysis chairs, one being an isolation booth, but also to properly meet the strict regulations for this type of healthcare facility. Although the project took a bit longer than expected due to the regulations the team faced, the challengers were not insurmountable, and everyone worked well together to complete a beautiful, clean, safe dialysis care center.

Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania (OIP) – Millersburg & Hummelstown, PA
Both the Millersburg and Hummelstown locations of OIP had similar goals and approaches, being spaces that were repurposed from one type of medical facility to a new type of facility. Both facilities required changes to partitions, floor coverings, ceilings, and finishes. The Hummelstown location, though had additional needs for offices, treatment rooms, physical therapy space, and exam rooms, two of which were for x-rays demanding a very specific type of construction due to radiation concerns. The electrical switch gear needed for those rooms presented a challenge due to the materials lead times, but luckily the Mowery team was able to work around these challenges to complete the project on time and on budget.

We Are Here for Your Healthcare Special Projects

At Mowery, we not only have a proven track record in successful larger-scale healthcare construction but we also have expertise in special projects in healthcare as well. With the increased demand for more intimate, specialized medical facilities, the Mowery team is ready to tackle your next project, whether it’s a new facility or a renovation to an existing one. We look forward to the opportunity to improve the way you construct healthcare facilities, big and small, to meet your patients’ individual, specialized, and adapting needs. Contact us today to discuss your next project.

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