At Mowery, we’re obsessed with making a difference – whether in our industry, our client’s lives, the community in which we live, work, and play, or the environment. To make a positive impact in these areas, we embrace what makes us different and use it to enhance the construction experience.

One way we make a difference is by focusing on sustainable construction. It’s no secret our industry can have an adverse effect on the environment. In the United States, construction accounts for 160 million tons (or 25 percent) of waste generation annually, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. That’s why we’re obsessed with doing better and have implemented initiatives to do our part in building an eco-friendlier future.


Construction’s Impact

While construction plays a critical role in our local economy and job market, we are aware of the impact it can have on our community, eco-systems, and environment. Some eye-opening stats from ARCHDESK include:

  • Construction projects are responsible for 39 percent of energy and process-related carbon dioxide emissions.
  • The industry consumes 40 percent of the world’s usage in raw stones, gravel, and sand as well as 25 percent of its virgin wood annually.
  • Noise and light from construction jobsites heavily impact native wildlife.

Our team understands our actions influence the environment and we’re committed to making a difference through thoughtful actions.


Making a Difference Through a Changed Approach

Not only do construction projects affect the environment, so do large industrial warehouses and distribution centers through their use of energy, electricity, water, and more. To decrease the impact our projects have on the environment, we have implemented sustainable building practices, such as LEED-certified buildings, green building methods, and sustainable technologies.


LEED Certified Buildings

One of the most popular and widely known green building rating systems available is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). LEED-certified buildings use key resources (i.e., energy, water, etc.) more efficiently when compared to conventional industrial buildings which are simply built to code. 

To obtain a silver, gold, or platinum LEED-certification, there will be some additional costs during construction. However, it is important for project owners to understand LEED construction reduces the environmental impact and operating costs associated with running a large, industrial facility. Overtime, building owners could see millions of dollars in savings and conservation on a very large scale. Additionally, LEED-certified buildings create a cleaner workplace for employees, which can influence employee satisfaction and retention.

If you have an industrial project in mind and are wondering if LEED construction is right for you, connect with our team today. We’ll assist with LEED evaluations, navigate you through the process, help you understand the costs involved, and ultimately determine whether a certification is right for your project.


Green Building Methods

According to Market Research Future, the global green buildings market is anticipated to grow at a healthy 14.3 percent CAGR between 2020 and 2027. Green building strives to reduce the negative impact construction projects have on the environment and individuals. Through detailed design, site planning, land-use planning, and more, facilities can be built to use fewer natural resources, energy, and water.

At Mowery, we use green building methods to address sustainable sites; water efficiency; energy and atmosphere; materials and resources; indoor environmental quality; innovation and design processes; and more. 


Sustainable Technologies

Sustainable technologies, such as 3-D printing and solar power, aim to decrease the impact businesses have on the environment.  To build an eco-friendly future and make a positive difference regarding environmental concerns, our team implements sustainable technologies when possible. For example, we can install solar panels on industrial facilities to save non-renewable energy sources, use reclaimed timber to reduce waste, or harvest rainwater for other uses.

While each specific project and jobsite is unique, applying sustainable technologies when possible is one way our team takes part in building an eco-friendly future.


Why Mowery?

Unlike other general contractors and design-build construction companies, our team is obsessed with making a difference far beyond the construction industry. Every action we take is strategic and aims to create a sustainable future for our team, clients, partners, friends, and community.

If you are searching for a construction company who will bring your vision to life using the latest green building practices, start a conversation with our team today to learn how we can help.


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