Kate Manna joined Mowery in 2017 as the director of employee engagement and oversees the human resource functions of the company. And, she is always smiling.  

“I am proud to walk the halls of our company and know our employees are collaborative, supportive and love what they do,” Kate stated. “I personally am grateful to have the opportunity to grow our team by means of new hires and support those who have aspirations to grow within the company.”

What Kate loves most about Mowery is the company culture and she works diligently to ensure all team members have the tools they need to succeed in their job roles. Plus, she focuses on hiring employees who understand Mowery’s Foundations and live by them, which “ultimately gives our clients the most consistent “Mowery Experience”,” said Kate.

Among all her duties, Kate is also Mowery’s representative for the United Way and Salvation Army. Plus, she also has a personal involvement and interest in animal rescues. When she’s not in the office, Kate is most likely shopping, crafting, enjoying a glass of champagne or spending time with her cute cat and boyfriend.

Kate has been a member of the Society of Human Resource Management for seven years, earned her master’s degree in Employee and Labor Relations as well as is the first female executive team member.

Quick Fact: Kate has all seven Backstreet Boys’ albums and knows all the songs!

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