“Hands down, my most favorite part of construction is seeing a project come out of the ground and knowing I had a role in that building’s existence,” says Dan Carfagno, estimator at Mowery.

As an estimator, Dan plays a unique role in the construction process. Before ground is even broken, estimators take on the task of determining what the cost of a project will be, which can sometimes be challenging when the project is early on in the process.

“Most of the projects that come across my desk are in their infancy. Some aren’t even on paper yet,” states Dan. “They’re just a thought in someone’s head. So being part of a team that takes someone’s plan or thought and makes it a reality is pretty fulfilling.”

With 20 years of construction experience, Dan received his education at Penn State Harrisburg and graduated with a degree in Structural Design and Construction Engineering. He has been with Mowery for 15 years and values what the team has to offer.

“The quality and high character of the folks who work here have always been what’s separated us from the competition,” says Dan.

When he isn’t at work, Dan spends his time with his wife and two kids. In his free time, he would most likely be found fishing which his wife jokes is his obsession and his boat is his mistress.

Fun Fact: Dan coaches his daughter’s softball team and enjoys seeing the players improve from the beginning of the season to the end.

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