A Messiah College alumnus, Nathan Sholley joined the Mowery team one year ago as superintendent of Mowery’s Special Projects Group. With nearly eight years of experience in the construction industry, Nathan enjoys the entire construction process from dirt work to wrapping up. He especially enjoys working on buildings with unique layouts or finishes.

“It is gratifying being able to take an idea on paper and make it a reality and see owners get excited through the build process,” says Nathan.

Plus, he believes Mowery’s process is unique because of the foundations, “our foundations are more than just words or a sales pitch. We build it as if it’s our own, in a safe and timely manner, while building relationships with subcontractors and owners.”

Nathan personally reflects Mowery’s foundation of building relationships in his life outside of work. He has served with various boards and organizations and is now currently involved in the beginning stages of a community center and church plant in Biglerville, PA where he resides.

“We see a need in our community and want to help address that need by providing a place where we can serve others, reach out, and be selfless,” Nathan says, “It is important to look outward.”

In his free time, Nathan can be found spending time with his wife and daughter, making live edge furniture, kayaking, backpacking, or going on an outdoor adventure.

Quick Fact: On Wednesday evenings you can find Nathan hosting an open shop night where people can come learn new shop skills and how to use different tools!


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