Mowery is partnering with the Army Heritage Center Foundation and Cumberland Perry Area Vocational Technical School’s (CPAVTS) carpentry program to construct a new pavilion at the U.S. Army Heritage & Education Center (USAHEC) in Carlisle, PA. While the design of the new pavilion is being completed by Mowery, the construction is being completed by CPAVTS carpentry students with oversight provided by the Mowery team.

Mowery has partnered with the Army Heritage Center Foundation since 2008 on projects on the USAHEC campus.  Mowery supported the design and construction of the first phase of the Visitor and Education Center, the campus’ parking and storm water management infrastructure, and the design and construction of the Hall of the American Soldier. When discussions began a few years ago between CPAVTS and the Foundation about a joint construction project, it was a natural fit for Mowery to be involved.

Inspired by Quonset hut construction, Mowery’s design for the new pavilion compliments the outdoor exhibits around the USAHEC campus. The unique structure of the pavilion will challenge CPAVTS students’ carpentry and construction planning skills. They will also have an opportunity to work with varying materials like plastic glazing used instead of glass for the clerestory windows.

Renderings provided by Mowery’s Director of Design, Steve Knaub

Twenty-five students from the CPAVTS carpentry program will be completing the project and most are second- or third-year students. Once the concrete pad is poured, the students will be responsible for the entire construction of the pavilion. CPAVTS’ welding students are also involved in the project to make the connectors. Plus, the painting of the connectors will be completed by the auto body students.

While still working their way towards graduation, this experience gives the CPAVTS carpentry students real world experience and they are up to the challenge. “Everyone who leaves the carpentry program is ready to work,” says Jody Snider, Carpentry Instructor, “Students learn the carpentry skills needed to build roofs, walls, square buildings as well as OSHA 10, CPR, and have the opportunity to receive training for aerial lifts, skids and more.”

Once completed, the Army Heritage Center Foundation will transfer the pavilion to USAHEC. USAHEC will use the pavilion for programming and future outdoor events and even overnight encampment events. 

Mowery is proud to be a part of this unique project and excited to view the finished work!

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