We get it. Choosing a construction company to partner with can be difficult, especially when so many companies offer the same services and are also capable of building the project.

So why choose Mowery over some other firm? Because we believe everything first starts with the relationship we have with our clients, subcontractors and each person on our team. We take these relationships very seriously – as a project is not just a job, it’s about building a remarkable construction experience. At Mowery, clients (and subcontractors) not only expect but also deserve honesty, transparency and trust (i.e. doing what we say we are going to do always).

We not only want to listen, but we strive to hear and fully understand a client’s wants and needs throughout the whole construction process. We won’t rest until we build positive, long-term relationships with every client because when we say, “For the Experience,” we mean it.

Communication is Key

From tight timelines to strict budgets, the construction process can feel overwhelming at times. To ease these feelings, Mowery’s goal is to overcommunicate with clients. In fact, each client has a primary point of contact who they can reach at any time via phone or email to have their questions and/or concerns addressed in a timely manner. Plus, our project managers provide regular updates, so clients know where their project stands regarding time and budget.

Communication is key to fostering relationships, but it only works if both parties are on the same page. We understand everyone may not be familiar with the jargon and terminology used in the construction industry, which is why with every interaction we aim to use language that is detailed and simple to understand. We’ve found this simple act reduces misunderstandings, demonstrates our commitment and provides a remarkable experience.

Using Construction Technology to Our Advantage

In today’s digital world, we are driven to provide solutions to our clients wants and needs through technology. Using PROCORE, clients are kept up to date with project information at any time. Virtual reality has provided the ability to see and walk through a building firsthand before construction even begins, helping to mitigate concerns and offering the opportunity to provide input about design decisions. Plus, with the use of drones, a bird’s eye view of the project’s progress is captured and shared with clients. We know continually listening and understanding our clients’ needs allows us to use technology in ways to better the customer experience.

Building Trust & Respect

The Mowery team strives to build trust and respect with our clients, as these are foundational elements to a positive, long-term relationship. We always do the right thing and tell the truth. At Mowery, we own our work – building it as if it was our own – and always give 110 percent. If a mistake is made, we make it right. To us, it is not the short-term gains that matter, but the long-term impact our work will have on the client and their business.

For 95 years, the Mowery team has been providing clients with a remarkable construction experience. Through strong communication, technology and our values, we are driven to build longstanding relationships with our clients. If you are looking for more than a partner for your next residential or commercial project, reach out to the Mowery team today to learn how we can work together to bring your project to life all while delivering an unforgettable experience.

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