At Mowery, we strive to help our team members understand their career goals and provide them with opportunities to grow, develop and advance. One way we do this is through an internship program, which helps students gain new experiences and prepare them for a career in their field of study. Whether pursuing a degree in marketing, finance, architecture, engineering or construction, Mowery has the resources to provide these students with a remarkable, hands-on learning experience.

Although this year looks different in terms of social distancing and safety procedures, Mowery has continued to welcome interns and provide them with learning opportunities through virtual and small-group experiences. Recently, Mowery welcomed Rhashad Scales to the team as a marketing intern. To get to know Rhashad better, we put him in the hot seat and asked him some tough (and fun!) questions.

Why did you want to intern at Mowery and in the construction industry?
Rhashad: I have always had a passion for photography and videography. The search for a communications internship near me that would allow me to expand my photography and videography skills was tough because many were marketing internships, an area that is not my expertise. However, when I came across Mowery’s marketing internship, I got a good feeling! As I read the internship description, I knew I was qualified for the position. The position did not require me to know a lot about marketing, which put me at ease. I am eager to learn how photography and videography can support marketing efforts and I believe Mowery is the best place to gain that knowledge.

What skills and experiences do you hope to gain from this internship?
Rhashad: Through my marketing internship with Mowery, I hope to gain the following skills: communication, critical thinking, problem solving, content marketing and teamwork. Aside from these skills, I hope to experience what it is like to work in a professional environment and see how different departments come together to successfully complete projects at Mowery. I also want to gain an understanding of marketing and obtain the knowledge necessary to be successful in the field of communications moving forward.

What are your career goals? How do you think this internship will help you achieve those
Rhashad: My career goal is to land a job in video production or marketing where I utilize my photography and videography talents to further the success of the company I work for. By gaining experience at the professional level, completing the video, photo and social media tasks assigned to me, and learning new things everyday through my internship, I have no doubt I will be prepared to accomplish my goals.

Is there a project or something you are most excited about? If so, can you tell me more?
Rhashad: What I am most excited about is the overall experience I will gain from my time at Mowery. I am excited to take the skills and knowledge I learn through this internship into my job after graduation. I also can’t wait to go to jobsites and see the building process from behind the scenes. Just to see a project start from nothing to the end result is something I look forward to during my internship.

What three traits define you?
Rhashad: I would describe myself as hardworking, organized and persevering.

If you could learn anything, what would it be? Why?
Rhashad: If I could learn anything it would be general business information. I believe business is everything, so it is very important to have at least some basic business knowledge.

At which store could you max-out your credit card?
Rhashad: Dick’s Sporting Goods

What was your favorite TV show when growing up?
Rhashad: Spongebob Squarepants

What is the strangest talent you have?
Rhashad: I can walk on my hands.

Rhashad: NFL

At Mowery, we are constantly seeking team members who fit our culture and foundation. If you like to work hard and play hard, check out our Careers page to learn more about joining the Mowery team and for a list of available positions.

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