Over two decades ago, the Mowery team completed a major renovation at the Carlisle Family YMCA when the YMCA’s old pool was converted into what is now their current fitness center. Since then, a lot has changed including the needs of the YMCA and the way they use their building to meet the demands of their members and the community. As a result, the YMCA initiated a Capital Campaign to complete the major renovations almost the entire building needed.

In most cases, undergoing renovations (and the disruption they can cause) is typically the result of one of the following aspirations:

  • Have a more energy efficient building,
  • Create an improved space that spurs productivity,
  • Add room for future growth, or
  • General upgrades and updates to entice new supporters/customers.

In the case of the Carlisle Family YMCA, this renovation will give the organization more space for children’s’ programming, fitness classes, meeting rooms, as well as additional parking.

Rendering of future Carlisle YMCA

Learn more about the Carlisle YMCA’s Capital Campaign on their website.

Project Scope

Over the span of two years, Mowery will complete the design-build renovation in two phases.

  • Phase one is scheduled to begin fall 2019 and includes constructing a second floor for the new fitness center.
  • Phase two includes creating new meeting spaces and child watch areas.

When all is said and done, the renovation will provide the nonprofit with the following:

  • New locker rooms
  • Energy-efficient fitness center
  • Additional on-site parking
  • New child care center
  • New fitness studios including yoga, spin and multipurpose
  • Youth space



Some of the complexities of the project include developing plans for temporary access for staff and members as the building will remain open throughout the renovation, storm water management strategies, and logistics for renovating men’s/boy’s and women’s/girl’s locker rooms. Though this project is currently in Preconstruction, Mowery has already begun developing plans to address these challenges to ensure a smooth renovation and construction process.

Groundbreaking at Carlisle Family YMCA

The Mowery Team helps to break ground for the project in November 2019

Mowery is honored to be part of this nonprofit renovation project to help position the YMCA to better fulfill their mission of ‚Äúpromoting personal growth, enhancing family values and providing community service through programs available to all.”

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