Mowery is pleased to announce the promotion of Matthew Bachert and Tanner Bogaczyk to the role of assistant project managers. These promotions are the first as part of Mowery’s newly minted professional development plan.

Bachert joined the Mowery team in 2016 as a project engineer. He has a bachelor’s degree in structural design and construction engineering technology from The Pennsylvania State University and four years of experience in the construction industry, including positions in roadway construction, precast concrete and estimation.

Bogaczyk began his career at Mowery in 2016 as an operations and design intern and was hired as a project engineer in 2017. Bogaczyk attended The Pennsylvania State University and has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering with a focus in structures.

“Mowery has developed a strong culture founded on a commitment to our core values,” said David Cross, Mowery’s president and owner. “Both Matt and Tanner embody our core values and have become a critical part of our company foundation. We consider ourselves fortunate to have Matt and Tanner as a part of our team and we look forward to their continued contribution for many years to come.”

Mowery recently developed a professional development plan that guides project engineers through a four-phase process to become senior project managers. Bachert and Bogaczyk are the first Mowery employees to be promoted within the program; they were also the first to go through the professional development plan from start to finish.

The plan’s structure has been well-received by participating employees.

“Spending four years exploring different job settings has helped me figure out what I really want to do: project management,” said Bachert. “Mowery’s professional development plan provides a clear process of advancement for me to get there.”

Though the process has specific requirements for advancement, the plan offers options and can be customized for employees’ interests.

“The plan helps me stay focused and mindful of the tasks I need to complete to accomplish the next goal,” said Bogaczyk. “Because of the plan’s flexibility I’ve been able to obtain my Engineer in Training certification, the first step in working toward my personal and professional goal of becoming a licensed Professional Engineer.”

To advance to the next phase in the professional development plan, participants must meet milestones in each phase within sections, which include professional, certifications, interpersonal, technical and shadowing/mentorship. Milestones include requirements for gaining hands-on experience, reading books, participating in webinars and attending in-person workshops or courses. The length of each phase varies depending on the employee’s pace and the program’s customized specifications.

Mowery developed the professional development plan as a recruitment tool. A study by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction Index reports that 43 percent of construction industry professionals value opportunity for career advancement and 41 percent of workers under the age of 30 see a clear path for advancement as an enticement for employment. Mowery’s goal is to implement professional development plans in more departments, including finance and business development.

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