The last few years ushered in safety processes and procedures that led to new construction industry trends becoming the norm not only at Mowery, but in the general construction industry as a whole. For 2022, we predict these changes will continue to have lasting effects well into the new year.

Every year, there are new challenges to overcome, new building methods and construction technology to embrace, and new construction and building materials that make the construction process more efficient and better for the overall customer experience. Check out what we predict will be the top five construction trends to watch in 2022.


#1 –Workforce Challenges Remain

News outlets everywhere are reporting on the challenges associated with recruiting and retaining labor across almost every industry. Although some reports indicate the construction industry is starting to stabilize, workforce development trends caused companies to reassess wages and benefits for construction jobs as well as add more robust training and performance incentives in response to the demands of the labor market. Plus, impact is starting to be felt from these challenges in increases to overall construction costs in some cases.

We predict many of these challenges will remain in 2022, but the industry will continue to adjust and adapt to be more efficient and better suited to absorb construction labor shortages and increased costs.


#2 – Supply Chain Disruptions Persist

Much like the workforce challenges, the supply chain disruptions due to the pandemic have created difficulties for the construction industry, as well as increased costs. Despite the disruptions, demand remains high and even appears to be trending upward for 2022. Again, these types of challenges can sometimes be good, forcing companies to get creative to solve problems which leads to better and more efficient experiences!

Mowery predicts that the long-term effect of these supply chain disruptions will lead to more adaptability, an increased reliance on construction technology, workforce adjustments, and further innovation in new construction materials. However, for the short term, higher costs and delays will most likely continue.


#3 – New Construction Materials Appear

Construction trends in new building materials continues to expand with new products emerging constantly. Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC), or flexible concrete, is a fascinating new material being used in new construction. ECC is concrete made with bendable fibers to be stronger, more durable, less prone to cracking, and lighter weight. Engineered timber or man-made wood (a composite made of several different types of softwood bonded together) is also becoming popular. It can be a strong replacement for steel and concrete that uses fewer emissions to manufacture and creates less waste. Transparent aluminum is also appearing in new construction as a replacement for glass in windows and other uses. Officially known as aluminium oxynitride, transparent aluminum is 3x stronger than steel and harder than silica glass.

We predict new construction materials such as flexible concrete, transparent aluminum, and man-made wood will soon become mainstream reality in 2022 and beyond!


#4- Construction Technology Expands

At Mowery, we know technology can greatly enhance not only the safety of our job sites, but also the overall construction experience for our team and customers. We are early adopters of innovative tech to assist with design, project management, communication, and safety. In 2022, construction industry trends indicate that even more new specialized construction technology will become mainstream.

Wearables such as exoskeletons for increased mobility and injury reduction are being used on job sites more and more, as well as apparel with wireless sensors and trackers to monitor vitals and health. We predict these types of wearable devices will soon become commonplace to assist with safety, by helping to reduce exhaustion and monitor for any risks of injury.

In addition, automation technology like self-driving vehicles and robotics may help to alleviate workforce challenges in 2022 and beyond if those conditions persist. Advances in digitalization with smart project management software, artificial intelligence, 3-D printing, and augmented reality are sure to improve communication and collaboration as well.

Find out how Mowery uses the latest construction technology such as virtual reality, drones, augmented reality, 3-D printing, and more to ensure the best experience for our customers here.


#5 – Modular Construction & Prefabrication Become Common

As we predicted last year, the modular construction industry saw a major increase in 2021, and 2022 is trending towards modular construction and prefabrication becoming more in demand. Modular construction and prefabrication can often be cost effective, higher quality and less time consuming than other methods of construction while also reducing waste and the need for skilled labor which makes modular construction very attractive in today’s current construction industry climate.

Further, modular buildings can be temporary, making them ideal for today’s ever-changing world. As we learned over the last two years, being able to add and remove spaces with prefabricated buildings, such as in office or hospital settings, can help organizations stay agile. To learn more about modular construction, read our Modular Construction 101 blog.


Why Mowery?

Our team follows the latest construction industry trends not only to keep our team efficient and current, but also to provide our clients with a remarkable construction experience. If you are looking for a general contractor or design build team who will bring your vision to life using cutting-edge methods and technology, connect with us today.

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