At Mowery, we are on a mission. A mission to not only create a remarkable construction experience, but to do things differently, leaving a positive imprint on everything we touch and build. We believe it is through this imprint that we will make a difference. This belief and commitment stem from our purpose, the reason we exist, and the principle that guides our work every day. When we strive to fulfill our purpose, we are better equipped to serve our team, clients, community, and the environment. Fulfilling our purpose means we make intentional and purposeful choices and act in a way that positions this commitment first. These choices and behaviors come in all different shapes and sizes – from the experience we create for our team and clients to how the buildings we construct focus on sustainability to improve our community and environment. Being “obsessed” means being thoughtful when making these decisions so we, as a company, can improve the lives of our clients and team members, improve the community in which we live, work, and play, and reduce the impact on our natural resources.

To learn more about the Mowery purpose check out this video from Owner and President, Seth Hughes, and keep reading to see how each of the four core areas guide who we are.

Obsessed About the Employee Experience

At Mowery, our foundations of being “Relationship Focused” and “Always Doing the Right Thing”, extend to how we treat our team members. When it comes to bringing this core area of our purpose to life, we:

  • Focus on employee health, including offering highly competitive healthcare benefits at areasonable value.
  • Commit to an increased focus on improving the work-life balance.
  • Focus on employee wealth.
  • We want our team members to succeed. This includes holding everyone accountable tocomplete tasks the Mowery Way and providing clear and intentional goals and metrics.Successful and consistent completion of these company metrics drive our bonus programwhich we pay out annually.
  • Strive for a culture of continuous learning and development.
  • Keep our employees informed in a truly transparent manner.
  • Embrace genuine diversity in all its meaning as an integral part of our culture.
  • Recognize the extreme importance of employee recognition.
  • We are committed to the well-being of every team member in and out of the workplace andfocus on empowering every individual with the tools, resources, training, and opportunity togrow their career in alignment with their personal goals.

Obsessed About the Community

We recognize that our overall quality of life is dependent on the health our community. We are committed to supporting the organizations and individuals in the communities where we live, work, and play. As a company, it is essential that we show our support financially and that we encourage and empower our employees to give their time and talents by supporting community endeavors. When it comes to bringing Mowery’s obsession with making a difference in the community to life, we:

  • Contribute no less than 1,000-man hours to support events that benefit the needs of the
  • Strive to have 10 percent of employees serve on local non-profit boards.

Obsessed About the Environment

Whether developing programs to reduce landfill waste, designing around sustainability, or continuing efforts to recycle responsibly both in our office and on our jobsites, Mowery is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and living healthier lives. By making a commitment to be environmentally conscious in the office, on jobsites, and in our everyday lives, we are taking steps together to protect our planet and leave the environment in a better place for the next generation. When it comes to bringing Mowery’s obsession with making a difference to life, we:


  • Focus on sustainable and responsible design.
  • Have a passion for creative and adaptive re-use of existing buildings.
  • Strive for net zero built environments.


  • Strive for 95 percent landfill waste diversion.
  • Expanded focus on sourcing local/regional materials.
  • Use recycled and salvaged materials.


  • Strive for 99 percent office product recycling company wide.
  • Create a paperless work environment.
  • Strive to reduce carbon emissions, where applicable, from company-owned, mechanical

Obsessed About the Client Experience

Strong client relationships are the heart of why we have been in business for over 97 years. The trust built through years of delivering exceptional quality and keeping the promises we make are the foundation upon which our company is built. It is our objective to provide a truly remarkable client experience from preconstruction up to and beyond the day of occupancy. To do this, we operate with intention by:

  • Consistently applying Mowery’s “PARTNER Program” to every project.
  • Customizing technology to drive transparency and speed on our projects.
  • Ensuring that operation and maintenance of your facility is seamless.
  • Educating the customer on what sustainability means through operation and maintenance.
  • Development / refinement of a meaningful QAC program.

What’s Ahead?

Moving forward, you will begin to hear more about our purpose. We look forward to sharing updates on how we are advancing each area of focus and the real, tangible ways these actions are making an impact for our clients, employees, communities, and environment. As we continue to live out our purpose, we do so with gratitude for every team member, client, and community member who has empowered us to make a positive impact.

Have questions about our purpose or what it means for the way we work and approach construction? Get in touch today! We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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