Mowery believes in technology. Not just for the sake of using technology, but to bring ease, insight and transparency to not only projects, but also HR, operations, and marketing. Recently, Rhashad Scales, Mowery’s media specialist, became a certified drone pilot. Now, not only can Rhashad utilize hi-tech drone images from the field, but he can capture the Mowery team as they build throughout Central PA.

The drone pilot license as well as the opportunity to travel to job sites and document the process through aerial photography and videos were just a few of the ways Rhashad can better tell Mowery’s story visually. To get his license, Rhashad took an online course, available at, which provided video lectures that he supplemented with content videos from YouTube. After weeks of studying, Rhashad took his test and passed. While hands on training was not part of his coursework, Rhashad strongly encourages others to get this experience if possible before taking the test.

The written exam for the FAA Part 107 License only really presented one challenge, which was locating areas on sectional charts. Sectional Aeronautical charts are designed for visual navigation and are the primary reference for visual flight rules that pilots operate in during clear weather. Being familiar with these allow the pilot to answer exam questions quickly and accurately, as well as prepare for actual drone operation.

Now fully licensed, Rhashad must complete a free, online training course every 24 months. This recertification ensures that remote pilots maintain critical knowledge and keep up to date with dynamic issues, including regulation updates. 

Rhashad’s Tips for Passing the FAA Part 107 Exam:

  • Know how to prepare for a flight – consider creating a checklist
  • Know who to communicate with at local airports and how to communicate with airmen
  • Learn and understand the critical weather definitions and patters
  • Study the maps and understand the legends
  • Take practice exams – this will provide the opportunity to focus on weaker knowledge areas
  • Purchase the FAA-CT-8080-2G, Airman Knowledge Testing Supplement for Sport Pilot, Recreational Pilot, and Private Pilot. This can be used during the exam and contains graphics necessary to assist in answering the questions referring to figure, map, weather report, etc.

Drones have become an essential tool for Mowery, offering the ability to view entire jobsites with ease and utilize associated software to map sites and buildings, while creating topographical maps to compare grading changes. Plus, they are a great marketing tool that showcases what Mowery does.

Interested in getting a drone license? One option is to contact the Roth Computerized Testing Center at the Capital City Airport by calling 717-914-0988. To view some of the amazing footage the Mowery team has captured using drones on the jobsite, check out Mowery’s YouTube channel and take a look at some of our recent project spotlights!

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