“Learn continually – there is always one more thing to learn!” – Steve Jobs

As the construction industry adjusts to the new COVID-19 world, new methods, technology, products, and procedures and regulations have emerged. While in many ways construction is positioned better than most industries due to the heavy focus on safety, any changing environment requires flexibility, the need to stay current, and most of all, a growth mindset.

At Mowery, we have always focused on team development by providing the necessary tools for educational success including outlining planned career paths for roles in different departments such as operations, finance and others. Class trainings and shadowing opportunities are conducted as well as resources like books, webinars and conferences are easily accessible to foster this growth mindset.

During the last few weeks while we waited for construction to be allowed to go back to work, a silver lining became a focus to use the extra time to learn. Each Mowery team member was tasked to complete a specific number of hours of education and they rose to the occasion. In the first week, the Mowery team collectively completed 124.5 hours of development by participating in webinars, online conferences, reading books, and finishing online courses and trainings.


What have we been learning?

Ranging in topics across all spectrums including leadership, project management, safety, client experience, marketing, contract writing, COVID-19, time management, and more, a few Mowery team members shared the following:   

  • Dakota Kistler, project engineer, completed four Procore online courses covering topics like management and contracts and shared, “It was great to learn the definitions and how a contract should be written to allow fairness to the owner and contractor.”
  • Due to the pandemic, AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) generously opened their annual conference and learning sessions to the public for free this year. “Excluding Mowery-led learning, I took four learning courses, with credits for architects, from AISC,” shared Steve Knaub, director of design.
  • Stacie Roller, marketing assistant, invested time into her skill set to care for others and prepare for emergencies and shared, “I am taking a MEDIC First Aid BasicPlus (G2015) which is a CPR, AED, and first aid training program that teaches how to recognize and care for adult medical emergencies until EMS arrive.”
  • “Over the past two weeks I participated in and completed the CFMA – Accounting Course,” said Peter Smith, accounting manager. Peter finished an eight hour course that detailed the importance of over/under billings and the role they, as well as cost to complete, play in terms of the accuracy of the financial statement. “It also emphasized how unique the construction industry is in terms of accounting and how we recognize revenue.”
  • On top of practical trainings, Mowery also values and encourages the team to learn through giving back. “I volunteered at the Central PA Food Bank,” shared Bill Whitlock, project superintendent, “packing boxes to be distributed to families in need.”

Over the last few weeks, Mowery’s team focused on the opportunity to grow stronger. Increasing our team’s knowledge and skill set is just one way our team focuses on delivering a remarkable construction experience.


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