“NOW HIRING” seems to be on every billboard and yard sign representing openings in nearly every industry and position. Companies are offering a variety of incentives hoping to convince potential candidates that their company will provide the best opportunity for a career. Employers are seeking workers with appropriate skills, though most are willing to train those who are interested in growing their skillset – especially if they fit the company culture. Which is good, because more than ever before, both companies and potential employees are looking at how they align with company culture.   

At Mowery, we also are looking to expand our team, but long before the recent labor shortage, we established a culture that not only brings value to our employees’ lives and their families but also creates an environment that fosters collaboration.

The Mowery team works hard every day. However, we know that with all things in life, there must be balance, so we support playing hard, too, and have created opportunities for all team members to get involved. These activities lead to engaged employees; increased employee morale, productivity, and loyalty; and a remarkable customer experience.

During COVID-19, Mowery’s “safety is not optional” foundation kept the team, their families, and our community safe, but we also continually prioritize keeping our company culture alive. At Mowery, our Fun Committee works to engage employees in a variety of ways, because when a team enjoys spending time together, they collaborate better to develop solutions and accomplish goals.


The Fun Committee – working hard to help Mowery play hard

Over the years, the Fun Committee has developed several ways for the team to have fun, engage in the community, and celebrate each other. These include:

  • Happy Hour – Getting the team together for a little fun after a long day or week is a great way to celebrate accomplishments and catch up on personal stories. These opportunities allow us to get to know each other a little better, leading to better communication and understanding.

  • Company Picnics – Is there anything better than a picnic? Great food, refreshing beverages, games, and time to relax with friends. At Mowery, it’s the experience that makes the difference, and company picnics are a great way to say thank you for our team’s commitment to their jobs.

  • Retirement Celebrations – Mowery employees give of themselves every day. When one of them reaches that time in their life when they are ready to focus on fun entirely, we celebrate all that they have accomplished and send them off with a team farewell.

  • Birthdays and Special Events – At Mowery, everyone is part of the team, but we also know each team member is a unique individual and we care about them. One way we show this is through individual birthday and special event recognition. Be sure to follow us on social media so you can wish our team members a happy birthday and/or work anniversary.

  • Chili Cook-off – Entering its fourth year, Mowery hosts a company chili cook-off each October. We know this team can plan, problem solve, build quality structures, but we also like to find out who are the hidden chefs amongst us.

  • Community Service – At Mowery, we are passionate about the communities we live and build in. That passion extends throughout our team who together commit over 200 hours in service to dozens of organizations. From in-kind projects like the picnic area foundation at the Ronald McDonald House, to coaching little league, to developing STEM educational programs for students, Mowery gives back and has fun doing it.


Want to Work Hard & Play Hard?

At Mowery, we value our employees and have created a foundation where hard work is rewarded with fun. If you are interested in joining a team that values work-life balance, offers great benefits, is always learning, and wants you to succeed, check out our available positions today!


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