Construction projects are complex. From bidding and estimating, to construction, to final inspections, there are many phases that must be strategically planned to ensure projects stay on time and on budget. At Mowery, we utilize cutting-edge technology to not only increase collaboration and manage project information, but also to enhance the customer experience.

The single software solution that has made the most substantial impact on our operations is PROCORE. This cloud-based software provides construction management applications, allowing team members to streamline project communication and documentation 24/7. Here are a few ways PROCORE benefits the Mowery team:

Benefit #1: Real Time Capabilities

The construction industry is fast paced. Projects move quickly and communication is paramount to keeping them on schedule. PROCORE works in real time to provide project updates. This software is home to the most up-to-date blueprints and designs for the project. Any time a modification is made to a design, that change is tracked, and all team members are notified. Additionally, as work is completed on jobsites, project superintendents markup live plans and send updates to the team quickly through this application.

Because PROCORE works in real time, team members stay up to date and immediately know when new project information is entered, which allow for open communication and helps our team achieve critical project timelines and goals.  

Benefit #2: Increased Collaboration

PROCORE has been instrumental in increasing collaboration among team members, subcontractors and project owners. This software stores project information, including blueprints, timelines, scopes, costs, project images, and daily safety logs. All Mowery team members and subcontractors have access to PROCORE, so they can view this information 24/7 from any device. Additionally, individuals can send messages and emails from within the app, which helps ensure everyone is on the same page and increases efficiency.

Additionally, PROCORE will send notifications when change orders have been made or tasks are outstanding. These notifications allow the Mowery team to follow up on specific project items to ensure construction stays on time and on budget.

Benefit #3: Data Integration Capabilities

At Mowery, we utilize different software depending on the phase of construction. For example, during the bidding and estimating process, our preconstruction team uses ProEst. Although our estimators work on different platforms than our designers, we understand the importance of organizing all project documents into one easy-to-use software that can be accessed at any time.

Using PROCORE’s data integration capabilities, we can sync project information from other platforms, such as ProEst, to ensure estimates, designs and schedules all live within PROCORE. This feature is beneficial because it prevents project details from being siloed within departments, which could lead to our team being disconnected.

Benefit #4: Punch List Module

At Mowery, we build each project as if it were our own. We take the quality of each project very seriously and utilize PROCORE to ensure each build is completed to a high standard. Using PROCORE’s Punch List module, project superintendents can detect deficiencies early in the process. Then, they can upload photos, mark up photos, identify problem areas on blueprints, and even assign responsibilities to specific team members and subcontractors, so any issue is addressed immediately.

Since implementing PROCORE’s Punch List module, Mowery has been able to complete punch lists in half the time as well as reduce the number of deficiencies identified during the final inspection process. This allows projects to be accelerated and gets clients in their new facilities faster.

Benefit #5: Enhances the Customer Experience

Our promise is to provide customers with a remarkable experience. Through the Mowery difference, we not only offer a three-year extended warranty, a quality assurance program, and a customized construction experience, but also guarantee to use advanced technology to enhance the experience. Using PROCORE, Mowery grants clients access to their personal project account where they can view project details, timelines, costs to date and photos. This benefits the customer experience by helping them easily stay in the know and better understand what our team is doing to bring their vision to life.  Additionally, today’s platforms include many bells and whistles that clients find informative and exciting!

Why Mowery?

No matter which market our clients are in or what construction services they need, technology is used in everything we do at Mowery.

If you are looking to partner with a design-build or construction management team, who prioritizes technology to not only benefit projects, but also the customer experience, connect with us today.

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