At Mowery, senior living construction is personal because it’s building better care and quality of life for the generations that came before us. As a leading contractor for senior living projects for over 50 years, the Mowery team keeps up with the latest trends and is sharing the top three senior living construction trends we have seen this year!

Trend #1: Increased Outdoor Spaces

With 2020 came COVID-19 and the need for senior living facilities to restructure to keep residents safe. Because of the pandemic, many senior living facilities have been building more outdoor spaces. When designing these outdoor spaces, it is critical construction companies consider how the space can be configured to safely support social gatherings.

Additionally, design-build teams are looking at creating different spaces for specific activities. For example, to reduce the number of individuals gathered in one area, place an outdoor eating area a few feet away from the grilling station to help separate the crowd.

Not only are outdoor spaces increasing in importance because of COVID-19, but also because more older adults are participating in recreational activities. Having designated outdoor spaces that are built for specific activities allows residents to be more active. For example, walking trails, putting greens and gardening stations are becoming popular features at senior living centers. Therefore, it is important these elements are incorporated into design and construction.

Trend #2: Modern Features

To change the perception that senior living facilities are an end of life and/or healthcare organization, many have decided to implement a more modern and luxurious design. Not only are the exteriors of senior living communities transitioning to resemble apartment complexes, but the interiors are also very contemporary. According to Building Design + Construction, there will be a shift to warmer neutrals and metallics in finish selections as well as lighter wood tones within senior living complexes.

Check out this video to see modern features Mowery added to senior living apartments at Cross Keys Village – The Brethren Home Community in New Oxford, Pennsylvania.

Trend #3: Cost-Friendly Construction

When building senior living facilities, project owners are constantly looking for ways to save. Not only does partnering with a construction company who has experience designing and building structures within this industry save the client time and money, but cost-friendly features can lead to additional savings. More and more senior living organizations are requesting their facilities include energy efficient lighting, energy star appliances, energy saving heating and air conditioning units and even solar panels.

At Mowery, we understand the impact our projects have on the community, the environment and most importantly the people that live, work and play within our facilities every day. We are dedicated to sustainability and continue to think about planning and building with that in mind. Learn more about our eco-friendly processes here.

Choose Mowery for Your Senior Living Construction Needs

At Mowery, as a leader in senior living construction, we stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends. We also understand the sensitivity needed in a senior care environment – including mobility, convenience and/or sustainability. When you partner with Mowery for your senior living project, count on us to implement safe practices and cause minimal disruption for your residents and care providers.

Have a senior living construction project in mind? Connect with us today to learn how we can help!

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