Construction projects are complex. From estimating, to design, to construction, and final inspections, there are many moving parts. While most full-service construction companies have different departments including preconstruction, design, and construction (to name a few), it is critical each team collaborates to ensure information does not become siloed in one specific department. Increased communication not only boosts productivity, but also ensures projects are completed on time and on budget.

Every day at Mowery, we have team members working in different departments, in the field and from remote locations. To help our team stay connected and work efficiently, we utilize the latest technology and software, including:


Laptops & Accessories

Each Mowery team member who is working in the field or from a remote location is provided with a laptop with enough HD space, memory, and speed to perform necessary tasks. Those working outside of the office are also provided with docking stations, additional screens, iPads, and other accessories to ensure they can be as productive from a remote environment as they would be in the office.


Microsoft 365

At Mowery, our promise is to deliver a remarkable customer experience. To provide our customers with project updates and key information, it is critical our team utilizes the most up-to-date communication tools. With Microsoft 365, our team leverages email, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams and PowerApps to enhance communication, processes, and data access for not only our team, but clients as well.


Secure Virtual Private Network (VPN)  

Virtual private network (VPN) technology is utilized to give individuals working from the field or a remote location access to Mowery’s private network. Using this secure connection, team members can send and receive data and resources on demand. This technology helps keep all team members in the loop and allows project information to be shared immediately with others, no matter their location.


Microsoft Remote Desktop Applications

At Mowery, each member of our team is provided with access to Microsoft Remote Desktop. Through this application, individuals can use their work computers to access documents, project information and other resources from a remote location. This helps keep projects moving without any delays.

Additionally, this technology has specifically benefited our preconstruction team by providing them with immediate data that aids them in creating accurate estimates.


Microsoft 365 Software as a Service (SaaS)

At Mowery, Microsoft 365 Saas is utilized by our Special Projects Group to streamline operations in the field by allowing individuals to connect and use cloud-based applications over the Internet. Using this technology, our SPG team can submit daily project logs, safety information and other field documents to our operations team on demand, which allows us to continue to provide safe and efficient jobsites.


Sage Paperless

Sage Paperless has been extremely beneficial to our operations team. This software allows team members to electronically store, review and approve invoices from any device or location. Using this technology, we have been able to streamline our invoicing processes and accelerate projects.



The construction project management application, PROCORE, has been instrumental in keeping the Mowery team connected. This software stores project information, including blueprints, timelines, scopes, costs, project images, and daily safety logs, which can be accessed by team members, subcontractors and project owners 24/7 from any device. Additionally, individuals can send messages and emails from within the app, which helps ensure everyone is on the same page and increases efficiency even if they may not be on the jobsite or in the office together.

Working in real time, PROCORE helps our team stay up to date and immediately know when new project information is entered. This increases collaboration, allows for open communication and helps our team achieve critical project timelines and goals from anywhere.  


Why Mowery?

From the office, to the field, to home, we don’t let distance keep our team from staying connected.  Using cutting-edge software and technology, our team is always on to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget. Learn more about what makes Mowery different here.

If you are looking for a general contractor who will provide a memorable construction experience using the latest technology, reach out to us today to learn how we can help.

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