Recruiting the right help is top of mind for most industries these days, and particularly challenging for construction companies. At Mowery, we’re always looking for the best people to join our team. In looking for the best people to fill our construction jobs, we know that you must stand out among your competitors to attract and retain the most talented human resources. That’s why we not only offer excellent traditional benefits, but we also foster a fun company culture that embraces the philosophy Work Hard, Play Hard.

To learn more about the experience working in a construction career at Mowery and the Foundations that shape our team, as well as the opportunities currently available in our organization, keep reading!

For the Experience

Providing a remarkable construction experience for our clients can be hard work, but at Mowery, we believe it should also be a remarkable experience for our team to deliver. Whether those rewards come in the form of more traditional company benefits and perks, or whether they take the form of good old-fashioned fun, we’re obsessed with providing a remarkable experience for those who join our hard-working team, too. For the Experience is not just a slogan at Mowery, it’s the Foundation behind everything we do.

Why Work at Mowery

We believe in growing our team strategically and we are constantly seeking new team members who align with our company culture and Foundations. With a steadfast focus on relationships and always doing the right thing as the cornerstones of our foundations, how we treat our team members is of utmost importance to us.

What Mowery benefits can you expect?

  • Health Benefits, Wellness Program, and Employee Assistance Program
    If you’re not healthy, we’re not healthy! We offer an excellent health care plan with vision coverage for qualified team members and their dependents, as well as short-term and long-term disability, life insurance, a Wellness Program and Employee Assistance Program to ensure that you have the access you need to be the healthiest version of yourself.

  • Competitive 401k Plan with Company Match
    Our competitive 401k plan offers a remarkable company match, and all full-time employees are eligible for a profit-sharing component driven by the team’s performance. If Mowery does well, our team is rewarded for everyone’s success.

  • Communication & Measurable Results
    Keeping current on the latest happenings in the company, opportunities, new faces and projects is essential to a healthy organization and happy team members. With frequent company meetings and a regularly distributed newsletter, we ensure that everyone remains informed at Mowery. And communicating the established goals and metrics with clarity for not only the company, but also individuals ensures that employees always know where they stand. Not to mention, achieving those goals and providing results drives the annual bonus pay!

  • Training & Learning Opportunities
    Growth and development are important at Mowery, which is why we present learning opportunities such as in-class training, motivational readings, and shadowing opportunities for all employees. Mowery also offers tuition assistance for those interested in continuing their job-related education. Further, our carpenter apprenticeship program through Associated Builders and Contractors Keystone Chapter is a recognized top-notch combination of on-the-job education and classroom instruction.

  • Work/Life Balance
    We offer work life balance in a flexible environment, so you don’t miss out on important family functions, appointments, and generally spending time with the ones they care about most. With a generous personal time off (PTO) plan, and a half-day summer program for qualified employees, you can make time for what matters to you.

  • Employee Focused Fun
    We formed a “Fun Committee” to establish opportunities for team members to relax together, play together, celebrate together and even participate in rewarding community service projects together in the spirit of simply enjoying each other outside of the regular work environment. Find out more about some Mowery fun times below!

Mowery Fun in Action

We know that when team members are happy and enjoy spending time together, they’re more productive and collaborative in their work. That’s why our “fun committee” takes coordinating the fun at Mowery so seriously! Check out some of the fun things the Mowery team has done together over the years:

  • Giving Back to the Community
    The most rewarding way to have fun is to do something together for a higher purpose. That’s why, at Mowery, we are committed to community involvement projects throughout the region to make a difference in the areas where we all work and live–and we always seem to have fun doing them, too!

  • Celebrating Our Milestones
    From birthdays to anniversaries to promotions and big life changes like weddings, birth announcements, and retirements, we make sure to take time out to stop and celebrate the many milestones of our team members.

  • Getting Festive
    Getting in the seasonal spirit is the Mowery way! Whether it’s encouraging the shenanigans of our Chadwick the Elf at Christmastime or hosting a Trick-Or-Treat Day and Halloween-themed scavenger hunt in the fall, we’re always keeping it festive! 

  • Just Hanging Out
    With regular happy hours and picnics, and an annual chili cook-off, we’ve created a foundation where hard work is always rewarded with fun.

These are just a few examples of how the Mowery team lives up to our Work Hard, Play Hard philosophy. Follow our fun events, team spirit, and community involvement updates on Facebook and Instagram.

Interested in Joining the Mowery Team?

Does Mowery look like a great place to work to you? If you’re looking for a rewarding construction career with a company committed to building a workplace where solid teamwork, collaboration and accountability are at the forefront of our interactions with each other, and with our client, we would love to hear from you. To learn more about our current jobs in construction and other opportunities, check the open positions at the bottom of our Careers page or contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing what makes Mowery an all-around remarkable experience.

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