Affordable housing construction refers to the development and construction of homes and community spaces for individuals and families with low incomes. As defined by, affordable housing is specifically “housing on which the occupant is paying no more than 30 percent of gross income for housing costs, including utilities.” Due to the growing need for low-income housing construction for all demographics from young families to seniors, the construction industry is seeing an uptick in this market sector.

Because of an increase in funding and tax initiatives on the national, state, and local levels, affordable housing is becoming increasingly available. While the construction of affordable housing appears to be as straightforward as any other construction project, using initiatives such as the Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) requires a unique type of expertise and often special certifications.

LIHTC, along with additional private equity requirements, are unique in that they demand strict adherence to process requirements and timelines. At Mowery, we have the experience and skill sets to meet these demands and we make sure to partner with the development team at the earliest stages of each affordable housing project to ensure success.

To learn more about our team’s approach to affordable housing construction and our overall capabilities, keep reading!


What are the Key Considerations in Affordable Housing Construction?

Funding source requirement compliance is the primary consideration for affordable housing during the planning and preconstruction stages of construction. Eligibility for the LIHTC is determined up front and verified throughout the construction process and beyond, as well. To begin construction, a minimum number of units must be planned specifically for low-income tenants and a certain number of tenants must continue to meet the income requirements on an ongoing basis for the building to remain eligible for tax credits. To verify that these requirements are met, meticulous recordkeeping and retention efforts need to be followed. Further, special certifications need to be held by the owners, the general contractors, and the subcontractors to qualify for LIHTC and other special affordable housing funding.

To ensure that affordable housing construction projects are viable and can achieve all the desired goals, it’s also extremely important to calculate reliable cost estimates, engage in thoughtful design choices, and value engineer at all phases of construction. Value engineering and careful attention to costs ensures that the result is an affordable housing development that’s able to meet and exceed all requirements to deliver safe, attractive, and sustainable housing well into the future. Thoughtful design choices towards sustainability also ensure industry specific standards and criteria for affordable housing finance initiatives are met, and the overall cost of living remains low with energy efficiency in mind.


What are Mowery’s Capabilities in Affordable Housing Construction?

Through our active engagement in the communities we serve, Mowery understands the importance of affordable housing and has years of experience navigating the unique challenges of the processes involved with affordable housing construction. We build each project as if it’s our own and work closely with the architect to create beautiful, comfortable, and sustainable spaces with the features that residents desire. 

Find out more about these two notable affordable housing projects Mowery built for senior residents: 

  • Wesley House at Quincy Village
    Located in Waynesboro, PA, Presbyterian Senior Living’s Wesley House at Quincy Village is a 3-story budling comprised of 35 residential units featuring on-site laundry facilities, library, fitness center and storage areas.

  • Westminster Place at Bloomsburg
    Located in Philipsburg, PA, Presbyterian Senior Living’s Windy Hill Village includes two residential apartment buildings (Westminster Place I & II) featuring an activity room and laundry facilities and a personal care wing, as well as a first-floor community cafeteria.


We Are Here for Your Affordable Housing Construction Needs 

At Mowery, we’re honored to build affordable housing spaces that improve communities and create better lives for the people who live there. Owners count on Mowery to navigate the unique challenges of affordable housing construction to deliver a remarkable experience from start to finish for everyone involved.

Let our team help you navigate the LIHTC funding requirements and the careful planning to make sure your next project is a success. Contact us today to learn more about our approach to affordable housing construction.

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