The need and demand for industrial warehouses continues to grow in the central PA region and beyond with no end in sight. While Mowery serves a diverse range of clients across a number of industries, because of this industrial construction boom, we thought it would be a good time to take a closer look, including what to look for when choosing an industrial construction company and the latest industry trends.


What is Industrial Construction?


ipt commerceIndustrial construction is a niche market focused on building specialized facilities, such as warehouses and distribution centers. In certain instances, in addition to building these structures, industrial construction companies are responsible for understanding, designing, installing, and maintaining the mechanical elements within these facilities. For example, when Mowery built a 20,000 square foot cold storage unit for Feeser’s Food Distributors, part of the specs of the project included installing a new ammonia refrigeration system and enhancing the electrical infrastructure to power the entire facility.

Industrial construction projects are complex not only because of the vast size of these buildings (Mowery is currently building an over two million square foot building), but because it takes a highly experienced team to understand the nuances of this market and what it takes to complete these buildings on time, within budget and to high quality standards.


How to Choose an Industrial Construction Company?


When choosing an industrial construction company to partner with, there are many factors to consider, including:

  • Experience and Previous Projects
  • Use of Technology
  • Knowledge of Local and Government Regulations
  • Commitment to Clients

The first step in choosing an industrial contractor is to do research. Before contacting any company, look at their years of experience in the industry, project portfolios and client testimonials that demonstrate their excellence in this niche.

In addition to having a proven track record, check out what technology the company uses to increase efficiencies and communication? Are they using a software like PROCORE, drones on the site, etc. that can help relay information amongst all team members?  For more examples, check out how the Mowery team has embraced technology and used it to advance our operations by clicking here.

When construction is happening, there is always the possibility for unforeseen challenges to arise. Due to the scope of industrial construction projects, often local and government entities get involved regarding fire, water, sewer, land and even environmental regulations, which can delay project timelines. An experienced industrial construction company will understand these regulations and work with the specified individuals to keep the project on timeline.

Lastly, be sure to choose a contractor who will make the client relationship a priority. Understanding their approach to relationships is critical to successful experience. Learn more about Mowery’s promise to deliver a remarkable construction experience to our clients.


What are the Current Industrial Construction Trends?


With the continual rise in ecommerce and a demand for faster shipping, there is no end in sight for the industrial boom. As with any market, new trends continue to emerge, and it is critical for contractors to keep up with the latest fads. At Mowery, the industrial construction trends we see taking off in 2021 include:

  • Designing with Sustainability in Mind
  • High Tech Facilities

northpointIt is important for industrial construction companies to design and build facilities with sustainability in mind. As more and more warehouses, distribution centers and cold storage facilities are being built, not only is more land being utilized, but energy too. Designing and building utilizing LEED standards as well as implementing energy efficient features is important.

Additionally, with ecommerce soaring, industrial facilities need to incorporate the latest technology to increase efficiency. For example, an automation system to help with fulfillment tasks can save both time and money. Or self-serve pick-up lockers located right at a fulfillment center can address customers needs for faster service.

To learn more about the top industrial trends to prepare for the future, download our white paper today!


We Are Here for Industrial Construction Needs


At Mowery, we have a proven track record for industrial design-build construction. To learn more about Mowery’s experience in this industry, check out a few of the industrial projects our team has successfully completed here.

Discover how we can bring your next industrial project to life on time and within budget by connecting with us today.

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