“Mowery’s attention to detail on our Special Projects is especially appreciated because the fine touches are what clients see first in the offices of a prominent law firm. Mowery does it all … design, estimate and build and they do it right!” – McNees Wallace & Nurick, LLC

Since 1925, Mowery has evolved and grown in response to our client’s needs. While our projects have grown in size and budget, it is not in our blood to turn clients away when they have smaller scale building needs including renovations and remodeling projects. Therefore, the Special Projects Group was launched in 2018 to further provide a remarkable construction experience no matter the size of the project.

What is the Special Projects Group?

At Mowery, we believe no construction project is too small. Our Special Projects Group focuses on small construction projects that do not require extensive design or oversight. From office renovations, to senior care apartments, to higher education institution expansions, and even urban revitalization, our Special Projects Group streamlines the construction process saving clients time and money that other smaller contractors may not be able to.

What Are the Benefits of Using SPG?

Our Special Projects Group provides clients with many advantages, including:

  • Cutting-edge resources
  • Efficient and agile approach
  • Cost and time effective solutions
  • Ability to mobilize a knowledgeable and experienced team no matter what the size

When partnering with Mowery’s Special Projects Group, clients can expect our team to use cutting-edge tools and technology to deliver an efficient construction experience with no setbacks, saving clients valuable time and money. Because our SPG team is highly skilled and knowledgeable, clients can rest assured their needs and goals will be exceeded. Hear our leadership team discuss additional values of using Mowery’s Special Projects Group!

What Construction Technology Does SPG Use?

Using cutting-edge technology, Mowery provides clients with a real-life look at projects before construction begins. Additionally, using construction software like PROCORE, clients have access to 24/7 project updates, images and more to keep them informed throughout every phase of construction.  Some of the technology and software SPG uses includes:

  • Virtual Reality
  • Drones

PROCORE is a construction software that allows companies to connect their entire team from bidding to post construction all in the same system. This tool allows Mowery’s Special Projects Group to access project information, including timelines, expenses, images, and daily safety logs all in one place. Having project information organized and easily accessible increases efficiency saving clients time and money. Every client has access to their project information through PROCORE, so they can view updates, images and more at any time throughout construction.

Virtual reality (VR) also keeps clients informed by providing them with a three-dimensional, interactive view of their final project before construction even begins. Having access to virtual reality not only benefits the customer experience, but it also helps our team identify any changes that should be made to the new space before construction starts.

Lastly, drones have become a popular technology in the construction industry in recent years. These small, remote-controlled devices allow our Special Projects Group to take aerial photos of construction sites and projects. This allows our team to better survey a jobsite before construction begins to identify any potential issues as well as provide our clients with eye-catching shots of every phase of their construction project.

At Mowery, our SPG team utilizes cutting-edge technology to create an interactive customer experience that ensure projects will proceed as efficiently as possible to save our clients time and money.

Why Mowery?

We get it. There are many contractors who could get your project done on-time and on-budget. So, why should you choose Mowery’s Special Projects Group for your small construction needs? 

The Mowery team promises to deliver a remarkable experience by customizing the construction process to meet your needs. Plus, we offer a three-year extended warranty, a quality assurance program and many other benefits small contractors do not. Learn more about our commitment (what we call the Mowery Difference) here.    

Through efficient processes, cutting-edge technology and strong communication, we have built trust and respect among our clientele. If you are looking for more than a partner for your next renovation, fit-out or expansion project, reach out to our Special Projects Group today to learn how we can work together to bring your project to life all while delivering an unforgettable experience.



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