Mowery has been working on large projects in senior living communities since 2009 across the continuum of care. The Mowery team is sensitive to the specific needs of the senior living market and intimately understands that senior living communities are where lives are lived, and memories are made. The ability to respond comprehensively and thoughtfully to projects within those communities has become a cornerstone of the remarkable experience we deliver. In 2018, Mowery formed the Special Projects Group (SPG) for smaller construction projects, such as renovations, cottage turnarounds, and office fit outs, to offer the same standard of service for all construction project needs. Our SPG team is poised and ready to continue to serve our senior living partners on any project in their growing communities, whatever size they may be.

To learn more about our team’s senior living construction capabilities and see examples of the work in senior living and some examples of what our SPG team has done in other markets, keep reading!


What are Special Projects in Senior Living Construction?

With senior living communities growing at a rapid pace, and the needs within those communities adapting due to healthcare shifts, environmental demands, resident amenity requirements, all coupled with the unique maintenance and turnaround typical in the industry, there are many smaller construction projects suited to the skills of the Mowery Special Projects Group. Cottage turnarounds, apartment conversions, office fit-outs, outdoor living spaces, entertainment hubs, fitness centers, and renovations to existing spaces to repurpose for changing healthcare needs, are all examples of special projects in senior living construction.


See Our Senior Living Construction and Special Projects Group in Action

With more than 12 years of experience building and renovating in the senior living and healthcare markets, the Mowery senior living team, and now the focused SPG team, are ready to build for better care on projects of all sizes. We understand that the goal is to create a safe and respectful construction experience that minimizes disruptions to ensure a remarkable overall experience on every project. Our SPG team understands that even small projects are a big deal, which is why we bring the same high-quality Mowery standards to special projects in senior living, saving our partners time and money, and delivering value.

Check out these videos highlighting our approach to senior living:

  • It’s Personal. Because You Matter.
    At Mowery, senior living construction is about building better care and quality of life. Hear VP of Customer Experience, Bill Sutton, discuss Mowery’s senior living construction capabilities and our approach to tailoring a remarkable construction experience. It’s personal. Because you matter. 

  • Our PARTNER Program
    At Mowery, we have developed a custom, tailored PARTNER Program for each one of our clients. This program fits well in the senior living market because it allows Mowery, facility owners, and shareholders to plan out responsibilities, designs, and early budgets and schedules to help.

  • Cross Keys Village – The Brethren Home
    When long-time client, Cross Keys Village – The Brethren Home Community was looking to expand their campus, Mowery was happy to help. The vision for the three Hearthside Apartment buildings was a rustic, farmhouse appearance with modern finishes. Go behind the build with Mowery’s Project Engineer, Dakota Kistler; Cross Key’s Senior Administrator of Facilities, Jay Rohrbach; and Cross Key’s Resident, Betsy Liou, to learn more about the coordination and communication involved in bringing this senior living project to life!

And find out more about some of our other special projects from the SPG team here:

  • Humane Society of Harrisburg Area Clinic
    Mowery renovated several areas of their building including the front desk/shop space, cat area, and veterinary service center to help the organization better fulfill their mission to partner animals who need loving homes with families and individuals who will provide them full, rich lives. 
  • Red Land Library
    Mowery developed the library’s new location in a shopping area central to the community, with a layout that includes features from the original location, as well as new spaces for computer nooks, reading lounges, kids’ area, and a community space for groups and meetings.


We Are Here for Your Senior Living Special Projects 

At Mowery, senior living construction is personal, because you matter. By applying what we’ve learned tackling large projects in senior living, and establishing trusted relationships in the market, the Mowery SPG team has the unique expertise to successfully, and thoughtfully, deliver on the small construction projects as well as the large ones.

Whether we are renovating an existing space, or building something new, our SPG team listens to understand and delivers a remarkable experience that offers peace of mind from start to finish. To learn more about our senior living construction projects and SPG services, contact us today. We look forward to helping you improve the facilities and the lives in your senior living communities in every way!

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