Did you know National Assisted Living week was established in 1995 by the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) to recognize the role of those involved with caring for our country’s seniors as well as those with disabilities? In celebration of this theme, “A Spark of Creativity”, we’re highlighting some unique ways creativity has been woven into the design of a few of Mowery’s recent senior living projects.


Bringing the outside in

Having access to the outdoors is indisputably good for everyone. However, when senior patients have limited mobility and using wheelchairs or walking aids in assisted living centers, monitoring outdoor time can be difficult for nursing staff. Developing a space that allows the outside in is a great creative solution to ensure residents have access to daylight and outdoor viewing. Examples may include adding skylights to ceilings or even creating entire rooms for viewing the outdoors like Homeland’s conservatory room.


Space for community

While individual care and private rooms are important for residents, community spaces are equally imperative for their health. Having a large open community space for residents to interact with each other is good for building and maintaining a healthy social life, which contributes to an overall improved quality of life. Menno Haven’s community room is one example that offers ample space for gathering with friends or even entertaining a crowd on the piano.


Art and artistic features

Including artistic features throughout a building helps make a space feel like home. Installing a temporary art exhibit is a great way to boost creative thinking, further learning, and generate discussion among residents. Other 3-D artistic features can also be incorporated such as sculptures, fountains and water walls to create a soothing space for mindfulness.

Messiah Village


Creativity in construction

In addition to creative interior features, Mowery has also utilized creative concepts for the construction of entire buildings. When building Presbyterian Senior Living’s Windy Hill II, Mowery used the Passive House concept which provides an air-tight, highly efficient building resulting in a lower monthly energy bill.


Mowery listens carefully to understand the client’s and resident’s needs in our senior living and assisted living projects. Using creative construction, design, and artistic feature solutions, Mowery meets the unique needs of each project. Contact Mowery for your next senior living project to see how we provide an exceptional experience.

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