In 2018, Mowery launched the Special Projects Group to take on small construction projects such as renovations and small additions. In the three years since its inception, Mowery’s SPG division has applied their knowledge and expertise gained on large builds to building renovations, urban redevelopment, apartment conversions, and other small projects completing 228 projects. 

By applying the knowledge and expertise gained on large projects, the Mowery SPG team has established key focus areas for successful small construction projects and relationships.


    1. Communication is key to success – From the proposal to design stage and during construction, clear communication and transparency are key, especially when sharing the vision of a completed design/build project.

      Frequent and consistent communication ensures all parties know what is happening and when. Project meetings during the construction phase allow the owner to see the progress of the project and ask for changes while the job is in progress. The meetings also are time to provide solutions to any challenges that have presented themselves.

      Communication also includes listening. That’s why one of our Foundations is “we listen to understand.” Active listening helps ensure the project meets the owner’s needs and expectations. By getting to know our owners, we help them understand the construction process and identify solutions to their issues. These relationships continue long after the project, and gratefully typically result in additional projects.

    2. The Mowery Team delivers the difference – Mowery offers project managers and superintendents dedicated specifically to the SPG team which brings big experience on an array of small projects. For example, SPG’s access to Mowery’s architectural services provides 3-D color renderings of the finished project to help the owner clearly understand the project.

      With access to the full Mowery team, the Special Projects Group can be responsive and nimble which brings quality to the process from design through construction, even on small construction projects.

    3. Big resources reduce stress – Mowery’s big project capabilities transfer to the SPG team. With an in-house design staff, facilities and structures can be evaluated resulting in quick design concepts for pricing. With access to Mowery’s full team of craftsmen, Mowery SPG can create custom, tailored facility solutions for each client’s specific needs. We bring to each small project the same resources we bring to large scale projects.

      We believe that the experience makes the difference with Mowery SPG. Whether we are working on a Senior Care rehabilitation, office renovations and expansions, or tenant improvement and fit-out, we understand that small projects are a big deal, which is why we bring the same high-quality standards and experience to limited-scale projects. This allows us to save our clients’ money and time while delivering their vision for a successful project.

Check out just a few of the projects from our SPG team including the Pullman Apartments and the Carlisle Chamber of Commerce

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