It is not every day you find a large contractor who offers a small construction company feel. At Mowery, we are dedicated to serving every construction need a client may have, which is why we formed our Special Projects Group. We are here to answer some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about Special Projects.


FAQ #1 – What Is a Special Project?

At Mowery, a special project is any construction work that does not require extensive design or oversight. Usually, these projects cost below $500,000 and much of the work can be self-performed in-house. Projects our team has completed in the past include:

To view more projects our team has brought to life, check out our projects page.


FAQ #2 – Is My Project Too Small?

No project is too small for our Special Projects Group. While we have completed large, multi-million-dollar projects, we have also performed small repairs for clients. Have a broken door? We can fix it. Need an old building converted into apartments? We can renovate it.

At Mowery, it is not in our blood to say “no.” When a client needs our help, we are up for the challenge, no matter the size. To speak with an experienced general contractor about your specific project scope, reach out to us today.


FAQ #3 – Who Will Be My Main Point of Contact?

Throughout the construction process, we understand clients will have questions and want regular project updates. At Mowery, we are relationship focused and understand collaboration is key to not only a successful project, but also creating a remarkable, long-term client relationship.

When working with Mowery, each project is assigned a project manager and/or project superintendent. This person will not only oversee the daily operations on the jobsite, but also serve as the client’s main point of contact. Our project managers and superintendents are construction veterans and can address any questions or concerns a client may have regarding their project.


FAQ #4 – Can Mowery SPG Help Me with some Design Ideas?

Yes! Mowery has a full-time architect and four professional engineers on staff. We also have experienced mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) experts who can evaluate/recommend various systems in your space. Mowery’s SPG group works closely with the design team to create conceptual sketches and drawings which can be used for permitting if needed. We also can evaluate a client’s vision for their project and provide them with the feedback they need to make the project attainable.


FAQ #5 – How Long Does It Take SPG to Complete Projects?

Every project scope is different, and each project presents its own unique challenges. While a minor repair, such as replacing a door can take less than a day, an apartment conversion could take from four weeks to four months depending on the scope of the project. Plus, depending on the severity of the project (i.e., Is it an emergency repair?), our team can be onsite that same day. For example, when a vehicle crashed into a local medical facility, Mowery was onsite the same day to stabilize the building and evaluate what repairs would need to be made. Overall, the average time it takes to complete a project is dependent on the project’s scope.

When working with our Special Projects Group, clients have the benefit of gaining access to a large task force. Mowery is a large company, which means we can pull skilled team members to help with small construction projects when needed. Because we have the ability to get as many workers on a jobsite as needed, we can get projects completed as quickly as possible and faster than most other small construction companies.


FAQ #6 – Can the Special Projects Group Work in an Occupied Space?

With over 95 years’ experience in general construction, our team has the experience to overcome any challenge, such as working in occupied spaces. When performing office fit-outs, building expansions, façade renovations, or senior care facility apartment turn and conversion we understand it may not be feasible for clients to vacate their buildings. Therefore, our team has measures in place that allow us to efficiently work in occupied spaces all while keeping the occupants safe and out of the construction zone.


Discover the Mowery Difference

From taking on projects of any size, to fostering client relationships, to building projects as if they are our own, we are different. To learn more about our Special Projects Group, connect with our team today!



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