As technology advances year after year, there’s always something new to learn in the construction industry. New products and innovative methods constantly emerge with the intent to create safer and more efficient job sites, which comes with ample opportunities to learn. Mowery values the importance of understanding these emerging trends and continually learning and improving, which results in more efficient processes and, in the end, building better structures.

Continuing education for safety
Technology is changing the way we construct buildings, which means the way we approach safety must adapt. Technological advancements like self-driving construction equipment create an entirely different kind of job site with new protocols and safety concerns.

Mowery’s Foundation “Safety is not optional”, means it is critical for our team to be current on emerging safety trends. This August, Mowery’s Safety Director attended the ABC Keystone Safety Academy, where attendees evaluated their current safety programs and learned ways to make improvements. Attendees learned about ABC’s STEP Safety Management system, a method for operating a safety program that focuses on measuring safety processes and policies on 20 key components, that has recorded results of helping companies be 680% safer than the industry average.

Continuing education for management and engineering

Planning for construction has changed dramatically with the technological emergence of Building Information Modeling, which – among other things – gives architects and designers the ability to see and prevent issues throughout the building process. However, even with this technology, the construction industry is continually seeking ways to create smoother, more efficient building experiences.

For example, when it comes to health care construction which is projected to increase 4.4% in 2019 , receiving the American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE) Certification is critical. Healthcare facilities have very specific concerns and regulations for construction sites because they are caring for patients with various needs around the clock. ASHE certification provides the appropriate knowledge for planning and running a safe and successful healthcare construction site. At Mowery, we know how important it is to have the proper education. That’s why in 2019, five Mowery team members received their ASHE certification.

Mowery hosts lunch and learn seminars for their team to stay up to date with the latest construction trends.

Mowery hosts lunch and learn seminars for their team to stay up to date with the latest construction trends.

Continuing education for sites
New construction products, equipment and methods are developed each year. Therefore, when it comes to our preconstruction and construction services, it is important for team members no matter what department they may be in to be aware of what is new in the industry so Mowery can continue to provide the best construction methods available.

One way this information is shared is through regularly scheduled lunch and learn educational sessions. We’ve hosted companies like GPRS to discuss technological advancements in concrete scanning and RGS Associates who presented about stormwater management facility construction. Taking time for these learning opportunities provides our team with the resources to plan for and build better structures.

Mowery approaches projects with the mindset of always doing the right thing; therefore, it is important for us to be current with construction industry trends. Encouraging our team to attend further educational opportunities means we are always ready to serve our clients with the most recent methods and practices. Want to learn more, reach out today.

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