As 2022 comes to an end and we look ahead at the opportunities the new year presents, we cannot help but take a moment to reflect on the remarkable partnerships and projects we had the honor of being a part of this year. From healthcare and senior living to commercial, industrial and warehouse/distribution, we are proud to serve clients across a range of industries. Our obsession with the client experience drives us to stay at the leading edge of each market, leveraging our specialized experience and industry insights to provide our partners with the best value.

From changes in the way teams work to shifts in consumer expectations, the construction needs of our clients are evolving every day. As we look to the future, we are sharing some market trends we are seeing and predictions for 2023 and beyond.


Auto Dealerships

Mowery has worked with brands such as Audi, Jaguar, Hyundai, Lexus and more on auto dealership construction projects of all sizes. From renovating showrooms to building out offices and updating service shops, clients trust our team to ensure their facilities remain safe and appealing throughout construction and that projects are completed on time and within budget. As the automotive industry evolves, we look forward to utilizing our skill sets to help our partners enhance their spaces.

During the first half of 2022, 370,349 battery electric vehicles were sold in the United States, according to Statista. To best serve the growing number of consumers choosing electric vehicles (EV), an increasing number of auto dealerships are considering how to evolve their spaces. From electric charging infrastructure to service areas equipped for EV vehicles, changing consumer preferences are setting the stage for auto dealership evolution.

At Mowery, no project is too big or too small. Whether a client is looking to design and build a brand-new dealership or they are looking for more specific updates like the addition of EV charging stations, our design-build team or Special Projects Group (SPG) can help position any auto dealership for the future.  

Freysinger Mazda Aerial nighttime shot

Corporate Offices

Over the past year, we have partnered with several businesses to help renovate their corporate office spaces to better align with the way teams work. Based on client preferences and priorities in 2022, we predict collaborative workspaces and gathering areas will continue to be an important part of renovation and new construction discussions.

Collaboration is the key to generating new ideas and taking projects to the next level. Plus, properly integrated spaces can deliver valuable gains in creating a positive workplace culture. Many companies are looking at how evolving their spaces can help bring employees together and support a team dynamic. At Mowery, when renovating or building office spaces, we pay attention to the smallest details. From the office flow to the lighting and even the furniture layout, it is important to our team that we create a space that promotes connection, while also offering individuality within a workspace.

In early 2022, we completed construction on Members 1st Federal Credit Union’s new, 185,000 SF headquarters in Enola, Pennsylvania. The space was designed to improve efficiencies and bring over 500 associates together under one roof. To learn more about this project and how our team created community spaces and collaborative rooms within the corporate office, click here.

members 1st aerial exterior side members 1st atrium and central staircase

members 1st interior common space members 1st conference room with table and chairs



We understand that healthcare construction is not only personal, but also rapidly evolving along with the needs of patients and the changes that occur as the industry adapts and advances. In recent years, a need for more personalized, patient-focused spaces that are unique to the medical services being provided, has healthcare facilities considering how they can refresh their spaces to best serve patients. Based on trends we have seen in 2022, we believe in the new year and beyond, healthcare facilities will move closer to where the patients are, and certain types of practices will move away from centralized spaces to tailor facilities in ways that best suit their patients’ needs. Healthcare centers will also be designed to be more aesthetically pleasing, warm and welcoming, while still concentrating on maximum hygiene.

At Mowery, we are proud to be able to address both large and small construction projects thoughtfully and thoroughly in the healthcare field. One of our noteworthy healthcare projects was completed for Keystone Health in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, which is home to an urgent care center, pediatric office, dental office and other medical centers that serve the local community.


Higher Education

Schools are not only where great minds come to learn, but also the heart and soul of any community. When it comes to higher education construction, we have done it all, and we know the community centers we renovate, the athletic complexes we create and the housing or residences we design and build all have the potential to shape the next generation of learners, thinkers and doers.

As we look ahead to 2023, we predict higher education institutions will focus on renovating older dormitories, adding additional amenities around campus and upgrading mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems. Today, many institutions strive to provide students with experience-based learning opportunities and collaborative engagement. To effectively do so, they need facilities that are safe, flexible and can serve multiple purposes. As student enrollment and needs shift at institutions across Central Pennsylvania and beyond, it will be critical they have renovated spaces that can serve students in a number of ways far into the future.

To dig deeper into our higher education construction capabilities and to view some of our related projects, click here

 Susquehanna University West Village Susquehanna University West Village


Industrial, Warehouse & Distribution

With years of experience and millions of square feet built, we have a depth of knowledge when it comes to industrial, warehouse and distribution construction. Because these large industrial facilities and distribution centers utilize a lot of energy, water and other resources, as we look ahead to 2023, we predict this market will continue to focus on achieving sustainability.

To reduce their carbon footprint, an increasing number of industrial, warehouse and distribution centers are focusing their project goals on construction that qualifies for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. LEED-certified buildings use key resources more efficiently and are built to higher, more stringent sustainability standards. As part of the continued sustainability focus, solar roofs and installations are anticipated to continue to rise in popularity. Adding solar panels to facilities that utilize a lot of energy can reduce energy bills and dependence on fossil fuels, increase the value of the building and help create a cleaner environment for future generations. 



Senior Living

At Mowery, senior living construction is personal. Our team has worked on projects throughout the entire continuum of care, including independent living, assisted living and memory care as well as expansions or renovations of existing senior care buildings and/or cottage turnarounds. Moving into 2023 and beyond, we are anticipating built-out campuses and urban development projects will continue to increase.

As the aging population continues to grow (by 2040 there will be about 80.8 million seniors in the United States), senior living facilities will need to build out their communities to serve the needs of the growing population. From constructing additional residences to developing spaces where seniors can explore their interests and remain active, senior living communities will need to evaluate how to upgrade their facilities to keep pace with the changing market as well as the wants and needs of their future residents. Additionally, a movement towards retirement communities being constructed in city centers is expected to rise in popularity. Facilities that are near downtown hubs, shopping centers, medical offices and entertainment destinations allow residents to easily access amenities and maintain a sense of independence.

Mergers and affiliations are also expected to continue to increase across the region as senior living companies work to prepare for the significant population increases. This may become a common trend as senior living companies determine the best way to support the growing population and evolve with the industry.

Presbyterian Senior Living – Windy Hill II at Westminster Place Windy Hill II at Westminster Place gym


Urban Renewal, Multi-Family

There is something particularly inspiring about adapting older, underutilized buildings into modern, multi-family spaces in populated communities. Looking ahead to the future, we anticipate adaptive reuse projects will continue to rise in demand in populated towns and cities.

Throughout 2022, we had the opportunity to be a part of several exciting urban renewal projects in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Below is just a snapshot of a few of the old, vacant buildings we transformed into beautiful, residential apartments and commercial spaces for our community.

  • 260 Boas Street – In 2019, First Harrisburg UMC at 260 Boas Street closed after standing for 150 years. Our team has been working on redeveloping the 7,658 SF brick church into apartments. The building will have a community room, gym/fitness center and storage in the basement.
  • BenMar Apartments – Our team adapted a group of former office buildings in downtown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, into 74 new residential rental units. The combined 80,000 SF space also includes first-floor retail spaces.
  • The Schoolhouse Flats – Mowery played a key role in transforming the old Lemoyne Middle School in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania, into 35 apartments, including studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom options. In addition to the apartments, commercial spaces are available for lease. This includes the 1,400 SF former woodshop, 7,000 SF gymnasium and a 10,000 SF auditorium.
  • Menaker Apartments – Our team redeveloped a historic, six-story office building into 28 modern apartments in downtown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Each unit includes modern finishes, high-quality appliances and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for residents. For additional details, check out our project spotlight video.

To learn more about how our team can turn old, vacant buildings into vibrant spaces in urban environments, click here.

Schoolhouse Flats Apartment menaker interior common space Schoolhouse Flats hallway


Interested In Learning More?

2022 was a remarkable year and as we look back on the evolutions that took place, we recognize there is so much more ahead across the markets we serve. At Mowery, we are committed to listening to understand our partners’ needs and applying our specialized experience and industry insights to help deliver a remarkable client experience. Whether renovating cottages within a senior living community or upgrading an auto dealership, we look forward to helping our clients enhance their facilities to align with the latest industry trends.

To learn more about our capabilities or to discuss your specific industry in more depth, get in touch with our team online or by phone at 717-506-1000.

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